Don’t Leave Me Alone

Hi, my name is…well the lady that feeds me calls me Little Momma. I guess that’s my name. It wasn’t always tho’. I can barely remember anymore, but a long time ago when I was little I had a family and a home. I was loved so much. I was fed twice a day, everyday. I had toys and a bed and I watched all these other cats run around outside. They looked so sad and unkempt. My long silky furs got brushed everyday. I would never look like Those cats. My human adored me. I was her Princess. One day my human’s boyfriend moved in with us and now I had two humans to spoil me and take care of me. And then one day my human started to gain weight. She took up more room in the bed, but she still loved me.

Courtesy of the ASPCA
Courtesy of the ASPCA

Only she quit cleaning my litter box. And I could hear my humans voices raise when her old boyfriend, now husband was cleaning it. Something about how he worked hard all day and didn’t want to come home to have to clean out the cat box. Each night when they sat down to watch t.v. I would jump up in their laps and sleep. Suddenly they started pushing me away. One of the rooms got really busy. I don’t know why because they started closing the door and I couldn’t see in, much less get in. I waited outside the door one evening while my humans talked. I kept putting my paw under the door so they would know I was there, but they never let me in.

The next day I was put in my carrier and taken out to the car. I just knew I was going to that awful place with the white coats. That’s okay, I always got extra treats when we came home. My humans didn’t say a word while they drove. We drove for what seemed like forever before finally stopping. Wait…This doesn’t look like the white coat place? There’s nothing around here? What are we doing here? My humans didn’t even get out of the car. They pulled me out of my carrier and tossed me out the window and sped off. I was in shock and confused. I tried to follow them but they were already out of sight by the time I got up. It’s getting dark and it’s time for dinner. Please, come back I meowed. Don’t leave me out here alone. I sat at the clearing waiting for my humans to come and get me, but it just kept getting colder and darker and their was all kinds of scary sounds. I finally ran up the closest tree. Seems I remember those cats outside my windows did this when something was chasing them.

I spent the night in the tree till the next morning. Day broke but it was still cold and the wind was blowing. My silky furs looked awful and I think I had a mat. Something really hurt under my arm. I waited and watched but my humans never came back. I lost track of time. And if not for some of those kitties that grew up outside I probably would have died that first week on my own. There was a few other cats like me where my humans dropped me off. They hadn’t seen their humans in a long time, but knew where to get food and water and sometimes shelter when the freezing started. They taught me to not let any human get near me cause bad things would happen. I thought they must have been right cuz I had amazing humans and then they threw me out of a car window and left me.

 feral cat1

That’s been years ago now. I barely resemble the beautiful cat I once was. My fur isn’t silky anymore. It’s matted and dirty and hurts my skin. I’ve had lots of babies since then, many have died. Some were killed by those scary sounds coming from the trees that furst night. Some never made it across the street. And some…it gets sooooo cold in the winter. Well, there’s a lady here and she brings out food for all of us everyday. She seems nice enough, but I’ll never be fooled again. Once a Princess, now just another Little Momma.


Today is National Feral Cat day. This stowry is mostly fiction. We say mostly cuz me just wrote it as if me was da kitty. But da twuff is, it kuld be any feral’s stowry. Not all feral cats was born outside. Da very furst ever feral cat was once sumpawdy’s princess. TNR helps to stop the repopulation of the feral colonies. It allows them to continue to live out there lives without the burden of breeding, fighting over breeding and territory and giving birth. But nuffin’ purrtects them fwum da dangers dat lurk outside. We wanna fank all those who care fur ferals everywhere. And fur all those who put up warm shelters fur them in da winter and fresh food and water fur them to eat and dwink. We purray da day comes when there awe no more ferals cuz all kitties have a luvving furever home.

 dw-Dezi Birthday invite

As we do every weekend, weez joinin’ Rascal and Rocco fur da Pet Parade blog hop. And don’t furget to send in yous fotos fur meez birffday pawrty by October 30, 2015.

Till da next time……………………Be Blest!!!

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi  

40 thoughts on “Don’t Leave Me Alone

  1. Sad, furry sad…sorry that its so true…but thankfurly there are some peeps that do help as they can, kudos to them…and we all need to tell other kitty peeps about why spay/neuter is necessary.

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  2. Such a powerful post. It’s so very tragic, because it happens all the time. Prayers for a day when no cat is homeless and no cat is treated like a disposable object without feelings or needs. Purrs from Deb and the Zee/Zoey kitties.

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  3. I didn’t realize the picture and story would be here. I know these horrible things are true. But I can’t un-see nor un-think them when I see them. It is an accurate portrayal however of what happens. But I wish I had not seen it. I will still be here…just warn us please before one of these?

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