A Purr Pack Early Birthday

Well it’s da start of a new week and meez birthday is only days away now. Meez feelin’ good and things are goin’ well. Weez’ll update ya’ more on dat in another posty cuz me has sumfin’ real special fur ya’ today. Last week me gave ya’ a little teaser ‘bout sum boxes we received and da videos mommy needed to try and edit a bit. And so today me fawt me wuld tell you ‘bout one of those boxes. Course as you all know me can be a bit long winded, so we fawt da best way to tell ya’ ‘bout this box was to just show ya’. So get you a coffee, tea or drink of your choice and sit back and enjoy da show. Now don’t cheat. We know your all busy, but you can take 15 minutes out of your day fur a good laugh. You know you need it.


Ifin you can’t see da video click here to watch.


 Ifin you can’t see da video click here to watch.

Hey Easy, meez openin’ packages like you. MOL


 Ifin you can’t see da video click here to watch.


Ifin you can’t see da video click here to watch.


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Well? Wasn’t dat fun? We wuld luv to be an ambassador fur Purr Packs, and we think we wuld make really good ones. We hope after seein’ this they think so too. Check out Purr Packs, they have a pawsum monthly subscription box in 3 different price ranges. And 10% is donated to help other animals lookin’ fur furever homes. We really enjoyed receivin’ da October Purr Pack and since meez birthday is right around da corner, sis Lexi let me steal da show. But as you saw by da fotos, me was more than happy to share. We luv each other very much and don’t mind sharin’ at all. 

Disclaimer: We received da October Purr Pack in exchange fur our honest opinion. They are not respawnsible fur da content of this post and as always we only tell da truth. We only bring you items we use or have tried ourselves and think would be of interest to you our readers and furiends.

Till da next time……………………………..Be Blest!!!



Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi

Blest Sunday

It’s Blest Sunday and awe we ever Blest. Last week it started stormin’ sumfin’ pawful. We wondered when we might see da sun again. See fur days afur da storms started it had been overcast and gray outside. It wasn’t cold, just yucky. Then da storms came and it turned black. Da next few days made us think we lived in Alaska, and we started wonderin’ not only when we might see da sun again but when we might see daylight again. It was like 30 days of night round here. Okay so maybe it was only 4 but when day and night never change you start to go a bit stir crazy and lose all track of time.


These storms also came with high powered winds dat kept knockin’ out our internet. We would try to visit our furiends and it would take 2 and sometimes 3 times to load a site cuz we kept getting’ da no internet connection message. And tryin’ to leave a comment? OMC Dat was crazy. By Furiday we had all but given up on da catputer. Me was posed to be havin’ a blast at Cat Scouts but me kuldn’t comment at all. And da fotos mommy and me made fur our trip? Well they were all question marks and blanks. All our fotos and videos was fur dat matter. So da video mommy was posed to work on wasn’t there. Oh it was there, we just couldn’t see it. MOL 

 dw-LexineckoDSCN3701 (1280x958)

Finally on Caturday da storm let up fur a few hours and me was able to get into Cat Scouts and post a foto or two and let everypawdy know where we had been. And then we shut it down and played wiff mommy. It had turned cooler, wiff da days seein’ da low to mid 70’s and da nights in da low to mid 60’s. When we have this kind of weather mommy gets really slow and sis Lexi and me give her lots more massages. We finally went to bed Caturday and wondered what we might see when we woke up today.

 dw-LexiDSCN4014 (1256x1280)

When we finally got around this meownin’ it was like a scene right outta a Disney film. Da sun was peekin’ thru’ da clouds and we could imagine butterflies swarmin’ da plants and birds flittin’ round with twigs in their beaks fur nest makin’ and bunnies raidin’ gardens. And we could hear ‘da hills are alive with music’. We do have an active imagination, don’t we? MOL  We was just happy to see daylight and sunshine. Weez not sre how long it’s gunna last cuz we’re ‘spectin’ more of those storms, but at least fur today we have da sun. It’s kinda like nature knew it was Blest Sunday and showed up. And as always we are so blest to have each and every one of you in our lives.

dw-DeziDSCN4387 (1280x958)

Looks like mommy’s gunna be workin’ on dat video today. And workin’ on meez birthday party a little more too. Me really can’t wait. Ifin you wanna be included in meez birthday posty on November 2nd, purrlease send yous fotos by October 30, 2015 to: lexi.dezi@yahoo.com

 dw-Dezi Birthday invite

And you can still enter to win da pawsum Weruva Pumpkin Patch ups. Click here fur more info. on dat.


Till da next time………………………….Be Blest!!!

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi

Everybody Wants a Little Recognition

Weekly Wrap Up


Oh Meow yous shulda seen and heard da storm we had yesfurday. We’d like to say it came outta nowhere, but truff is da skies have been gray all week. Mommy got so busy workin’ on fotos fur meez birffday party dat she furgot to go to sleep Wednesday night. She just kept workin’ and then there sis Lexi and me was wantin’ brekky. Fankfully me got to eat meez brekky afur da storm started. We told you we wa usin’ a new calmin’ treatment dat we wuld be tellin’ ya’ ‘bout after we had a chance to see ifin it was gunna work or not. Well mommy had thought she had seen sum evidence of it workin’ till yesfurdays storm. Altho’ me did run initially me didn’t stay hidden out all day, so we’re holdin’ out hope dat it be workin’. We’ll keep ya’ updated as mommy continues to observe me.

dw-Dezi Autumn Colours
We fawt you might enjoy sum fall colors.

We got a kupple of great boxes on Wednesday dat we’ll be tellin’ ya’ all ‘bout in da days to come. Mommy got sum great video dat she has to brighten up a bit and try to stop da weebly wobblin’ cuz she was laughin’ so hard. She said me can really be a hoot sumtimes. And she got sum great fotos of sis Lexi havin’ a ball playin’. So in health news, we are both feelin’ purretty good right now. I’m goin’ to da pawdee box a lot less offen but leavin’ larger depawsits when me does go. All good things accordin’ to mommy.


A little while back meez furiends Timmy Tomcat and family gave us da Blogger Recognition Award. Seems kinda poetic dat we shuld receive it from them seein’ as they’re da reason we have a blog in da furst place. Da rules are purretty simple, post da award and link back to and thank da blogger who nominated you. Nominate 15 bloggers and comment on their blogs to let them know, and link back to da originating blog the Edge of Night. Da last rule is to give a brief intro as to how your blog got started and give any advice to new bloggers you might have. So now dat we’ve given ya’ da rules let’s get on with it.

 Blogger RecognitionTTShoko10-14-15

Sum of you have already heard this story, but many of you haven’t. See when we furst got our catputer we knew nuffin’, less than nuffin’ really. Anyways, we was members of this now defunk cat site where we met Timmy and his brofur Buddy Budd. One day they asked ifin any kitty wuld like to guest write on their bloggy. Since sis Lexi had a facebook page mommy decided me kuld guest blog, so we replied dat we wuld luv to. Timmy gave us a link and said we needed to create an account to get started. Well a few clicks later and we suddenly had our own blog. We emailed Timmy and asked what we did wrong. He didn’t know where da errant click was, but dat day, February 18th, 2014, Deziz World was born. And we’ve never looked back. It’s been so much fun and we’ve enjoyed meetin’ so many more wonderful peeps and anipals. We can’t magine not havin’ a blog anymore. We didn’t stop followin’ Timmy around tho’ and now meez a purroud Cat Scout and sis lexi and me both are part of da Tabby Cat Club. Again, all thanks to Timmy and his family. Unkle Pete has helped mommy with catputer fings and helped with sis Lexi’s CKD care. Thanks dear furiends, we luv you all bunches.

So now fur a bit of advice. We wuld tell any new blogger to be true to yourself. Write fur you and enjoy it. Everypawdy has a story and their own unique way of tellin’ it. Don’t be discouraged by nasty comments or even a lack of comments. Comments will come and there’ll always be nasty peeps in da world. And as long as you’re havin’ fun so will your readers. And member, ifin you expect others to visit and comment on your blog, you need to visit and comment on theirs. We all purreciate the recognition of others when we put forth the effort to make a post.

So many of our furiends have already received this award and a lot of you don’t purrticipate, so we’ll just leave da nominations open. We purreciate all of you and fink all bloggers shuld be recognized fur their efforts. It does take a bit of courage to put your heart on da screen and let others see you and comment. So ifin you not received this award and wuld like to follow the above stated rules, purrlease take it.

And don’t furget there’s only a few more days to enter our pawsum Weruva Pumpkin Patch Up give away. Click here to check it out.

 dw-Dezi Birthday invite

And meez birthday party is getting’ closer and closer. There’s still time to be included in meez posty. Just send your fotos to lexi.dezi@yahoo.com by October 30, 2015. Da theme is gone With the Wind. But you’re welkum to come out of costume as well.

 dw-DnLAutumn Book

And as we do every weekend, weez joinin’ Rascal and Rocco fur da Pet Parade.

Till da next time……………………………….Be Blest!!!



Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi  

Black Cats and Halloween

Well da week is half over already and so is da month. We saw sumfin’ last night dat said there was only 65 days left till Christmas. Yes there was a panicked gasp here in our house, how ‘bout yours? Mommy says she sure dusn’t remember time flyin’ by so fast when she was younger. Anyways, Christmas will be here soon enuff. We wanna talk today ‘bout halloween and black cats. We talked a little da other day ‘bout safety tips for you, your pets and your children, but today we wanna focus on the least adoptable color of kitties in shelters.

Pull up a chair and let me tell ya' a stowry.
Pull up a chair and let me tell ya’ a stowry.

Black kitties and cats still have a stigma attached to them. It’s hard to believe dat in 2016 these superstitions still purrsist. Oh they’re bad luck, or don’t cross da path of a black cat or you’ll die. We’ve actually heard these just this past year. Seems there was a stray black cat somewhere loose in our town. Unfortunately we never saw him/her, but enuff people did dat it was da talk of da town. Of course we tried to explain to these peeps ‘bout da pawsumness of these little black panthers, and we hope at least some of them heard us and changed their minds. You know black cats purr just da same as other cats and have just as much luv to give.

dw-LexichairFSCN5048 (719x800)
Da rescue didn’t want mommy to take in meez beautiful sis Lexi cuz she was “too” black. Mommy of course said Pshaw

And you know what they all want? They want the same thing da rest of us kitties do. A luvvin’ home, with laps and toys and hands for pettin’ and arms for holdin’ and beds for sleepin’ and food for eatin’. In exchange they’ll give ya’ luv unconditional, purrs a purrlenty and entertain you with their antics fur hours on end. And ifin you’re da home designer type, they fit into any color scheme of home décor. But purrlease, don’t adopt a black cat just to fit into your décor  or halloween decorations. They deserve a furever home with lots and lots of luv.


Now all dat bein’ said, this time of year can be very scary and dangerous for da sweet black kitties. Me knows we like to think dat those groups who gather and make animal sacrifices are a thing of da past or are only in da movies, but alas, they still exist today. And halloween is a big night fur them. Black cats, all white cats and even da woofies are ask risk from these groups.


But maybe da biggest risk comes from bored teens and problem kids. And unfortunately almost every neighborhood has at least one of these. Mommy says no one can be more cruel than an experimenting bored teen. We prefur not to go into the details ‘bout what kinds of things they have done to these sweet helpless kitties, but needless to say da shelter would be a far better place fur da kitties and jail fur da teens. (just our opinion)

A lot of da shelters and rescues round here won’t adopt out black kitties in da month of October, and some do but they are very careful ‘bout da homes they’re placed in. Ifin you have a sweet black panther in your home, purrlease keep them inside and safe durin’ this season. And ifin you have any feral or stray black kitties in your neighborhood, maybe you kuld let them stay in your garage or screened in porch for da night of halloween and surrounding nights. Maybe the ferals won’t be all dat happy bein’ closed in, but at least they’ll be safe. And you know, sometimes mommys do know best and do things we don’t like fur our own good.

Wha’cha lookin’ at sissy?

So me guesses what we wanna say today is keep da black kitties safe this season, and da next time you’re lookin’ to adopt a sweet little purr pal, take a second and even third look at da black cat starin’ at ya’ from inside dat cage. They just might be your soul mate or as some peeps call it, your heart kitty. We have lots of black kitty furiends, but mommy didn’t get it together enuff to ask ’bout sharin’, and she tried to make me black, but as you know her foto editin’ skills are really limited. MOL

And don’t furget to enter our give away fur da pawsum Weruva Pumpkin Patch Ups. 2 U.S. readers will each win a case of their very own. Click here to check it out. And don’t furget meez birthday party. there’s still time to send me your photos.

dw-Dezi Birthday invite


Do you take extra steps to insure the safety of your black cats at this time of year?

Till da next time…………………….Be Blest!!!

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi