I Couldn’t Live Without….

Well me wants to fank evewypawdy dat has twied to splain da new toilet to me. Mommy sez me can weport dat meez not jumpin’ outta meez fur anymowe and meez not running lickety split fwum da room. Meez not hangin’ ovew da edge watchin’ meez business get sucked down it yet, but mommy assures me afur long it will be old news. And me wants to say dat we wusn’t complainin’ ‘bout it in da first place, we wuz just postin a funny ‘bout sumfin’ new. Anyways, we hav lots of fings to cover and we don’t wanna ovewload yous wiff all da news at once.  Me wants to tell yous ‘bout an award me wuz nominated fur.

Meez'll just lay in this box while mommy unpacks anudder.
Meez’ll just lay in this box while mommy unpacks anudder.

Now meez blog wuz awarded  da One Lovely Blog Award by meez sweet furiends and fellow cat scout Shoko and hers sisfur Kali, and then also by Miss Ellen and da gang ovew at 15 and Meowing, where Sophie and Sammy awe celebwatin’ their Meowdays today, so pop on ovew and join da pawty.  Fank yous, dat wuz so vewy sweet of yous all. Me has to link back to them, which me just did, and then me needs to tell 7 fings ‘bout meselff. Well let’s see, what is it yous not know yet? Hmmmmm (tilts head to one side and leans head on paw thinking) Well…..Oh (perks up)

1. Meez luvs good fur ya’ noms and tweats. Me dusn’t like “junk” tweats at all.

2. Meez favowit tweeats awe fweeze dwied Chicken. 

3. Me luvs all toys. Me dusn’t weally hav a favowit. Mommy sez dat most kitties, at least da ones hers has had in hers house hav always had a purreference. Eevew nip toys, balls and twacks, feather wands, etc.. But not me, me luvs ‘em all.  Hey sissy why don’t yous take a foo.

I'z gunna lay here while mommy unpacks a little.
I’z gunna lay here while mommy unpacks a little.

Lexi: Fanks Dezi.

4. I’z sleep on da bed wiff mommy and Dezi at nite, and sumtimez durin’ da night I’z will klime up on da “pillow hill” dat mommy mayd fur me at da hed of da bed. Aldoe rite now minez “pillow hill” duzn’t eggz-izt soz I’z sleep on mommyz pillow rite abuv herz hed. 

5.  Even doe mommy sez I’z will eet anyfin’ dat duzn’t eet me, I’z reely am pikee. 

6. Ibin mommy feedz me chiken in da meowninz I’z fro it rite up. But I’z kin eet chiken any udder time a day.  Hey Dezi, why don’t weez let mommy tayk da lazt wun?   

Dezi: Okay Lexi, dat’s a good idea. Mommy tell evewypawdy sumfin’ they don’t know ‘bout yous.

mommy: Okay Girls, thank you. Why don’t we combine my answer with the other part of todays post. (Dezi and Lexi nod yes)

7. I love donuts. They are one of my very favorites going all the way back to childhood.  

Dezi: Fanks mommy. Now meez posed to nominate 7 udder blogs. OMC there awe so many luvly blogs and so many of yous hav alweady been nominated. So meez gunna take a little liberties here and nominate a kupple and then tell you all dat ifin yous not hav this award, purrlease take it.  Meez nominees awe

15meowing lovely blog award

Manna and Cinco fwum Playfull Kitty.

 Christy Paws 

Katie Katz     

Mario the Cat 

And anypawdy els dat dusn’t hav it. Yous all hav pawsum blogs and deserve this award.

Well meez furiend Bacon has a little mumffly posty called Show and Tell. It’s ‘bout long lost favowits fwum yous past. This will be da first time weez been able to join in, and it’s bout dat childhood favowit food. Lexi sed hers can’t member what hers favowit kittenhood nom wuz. Course what’d’ya spect fwum sumkitty as old as she is?. But me suwe members meez favowit. Yous know how me told yous dat me had tapeworm when me came to live wiff mommy and how me wuz too young to tweat wiff da medicine?  Well of course mommy had to giv me sumfin’ to get rid of those nasty fings but kuldn’t take a chance of hurtin’ me eevew. So hers used one of those natuwal home remedies. Hers bought pumpkin seeds and put them fwu da Ninja til they wuz like a fine powder, and then she mixed in a little garlic powder and wuld add distilled water to make a paste. OMC Fur medicine dat stuff wuz yummy. She had to giv it to me 4 times a day, but me wulda gladly ate it all day. Meez gotta tell ya’ me kuldn’t get enuff. Mommy sez it takes longer to get better on those old home remefies, but at leasst they’re safe and fur da most pawt evewy kitty likes ‘em. Lexi didn’t hav da worms, but hers liked it too. Now meez gunna let mommy tell yous ‘bout hers favowit donut. Take it away mommy.

 mommy: Thank you sweety. Yes my favorite childhood food was donuts. Every morning on the way to school my mother would take us to this little donut shop in an old gas station called Southern Maid. They made the best donuts in the world. (I hadn’t had donuts anywhere else at the time, but now that I have, I still think they have the best donuts ever) My favorite donut is the pine cone. It’s got just the right amount of cinnamon mixed in it, and they’re huge. A large yeast bread dough that has been manipulated to have all of these little bites on the  top. And then glazed with a sweet powdered sugar, milk and vanilla glaze. Oh my. They are best hot of course, but are even good a few days later. I’ve gotta find my fryer, oil and baking supplies. MOL 

 0pine cone donut 0pine cone donut 2

Dezi: Fanks mommy fur tellin’ all of us ‘bout yous childhood favowit nom. Hope yous check out all da udder blogs purrticipatin’ today, and enjoy. 

Weez also wanna update yous all ‘bout da fundraiser. Ifin yous not checked it out yet, yous can do so here. It is going well and each day we get closer to the goal. Weez can alweady see mommy sittin’ in hers new chair and feel us sleepin’ on a dwy mattwess and Lexi bein’ able to get up on da bed by hers selff.  Anyways weez got sum new donations and wuld like to say a meowsy big Fank Yous to:

Miss Lorna, 

Miss Pauline and Casey,

Miss Betsy Spangles Cats,

unkle Mitch and Cleo a former shelter kitty, and

Ms Caren Gittleman 

Thanks D&L - 2HEoW-1cr - normal

Weez also want to say again, dat weez unnewstand dat times be hawd and gween papers be hawd to come by fur evewypawdy. So purrlease don’t pawlogize fur anyfin’ or any amount. Weez be gwatefull dat yous all hav given anyfin’. Weez awe so honowed to be yous furiends and we luv yous all so vewy much. And YES, yes, yes, weez will be postin so many fotos dat yous all gunna be sick of ‘em. MOL Weez awe gettin’ so excited. Mommy has nevew had a bwand new chair of hers vewy own, much less one dat weally helps her, so she is beside hers selff happy. And of course ifin mommy’s happy then weez be happy. Dat bein’ sed, weez wuz wunnewin’ what yous all might like to see fotos of fwum ow old/new pawtment. Now mommy hasn’t got all da boxes unpacked yet, but weez do hav lots mowe room fur gettin’ wound. Member weez got a ceilin fan, new light fixtures, a new oven/range, da new toilet of course, and da new fwidge isn’t here yet, but da veep sed when hims purrsonally ordered it dat it wuld be here on or ‘bout da 8ff.  And of course we got da new floors.  Meez nex blog posty is gunna be sweet, just yous wait and see.

Til da nex time…………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi

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