Round the World and Up the Road

OMC Mommy and me went like evewywhere in da world yesfurday. and when we got back home we wuz so tired weez just cwashed. Guess me shuld stawt at da beginnin’ huh?. Well as yous all know of course mommy’s disabled and so hers has to see da doctor evewy mumff fur check ups and purrscwiption wefills. So dat’s where ow day stawted. Well after gettin’ up and havin’ bwekky of course. So anyways off to da doctows office we went. Mommys pointment is always da first one wight after lunch and weez hav to wait outside at least 10 minutes after openin’ time fur them to unlock da doors. But not yesfurday. Yesfurday we got there and they wuz alweady open and when we went inside they acted like we wuz late. But the girls gave me a tweat anyways. And then we wuz back to see Doc. Hims gave me a tweat and a good pettin’ and then him and mommy talked fur a while. And then we wuz off again. 

dw Dezi plays w-coils

Ow nex stop wuz da dollaw store. Yous know mommy luvs to dwink hers coffee and she needed sweetener. So we went in and got da sweetener and it wuz like sum kinda shoppin’ bug hit mommy. Fur those of yous hoo don’t know, meez mommy is a list purrsun. She dusn’t like to shop or go up and down each aisle, so this wuz stwange indeed. But while we wuz twavellin’ up and down each and evewy aisle, mommy found these little santa harnesses. (see da foto below) She fawt they wuz just adowable. And weez usually go to da old folks home and sing carols afur Christmas, so mommy fawt this wuld be da purrfect outfit fur me. Only they didn’t hav a lawge, and da medium she kep twyin’ to fit me into wuz fur suwe not made fur a full figured gal. Mommy wuz weally disappointed. Me knows dat ifin they had meez size dat harness fur suwe wulda left da store wiff us. Well 2 boxes of sweetener bought, a tweat fur me fwum da cashier, and we wuz off again.

This wuz da Santa suit. Meez tellin' ya' ifin they had a lawge yous wuld be seein' me in it wight now.
This wuz da Santa suit. Meez tellin’ ya’ ifin they had a lawge yous wuld be seein’ me in it wight now.

Down da road a ways and we stopped in to da fawmacy to get mommys medicine. They hav a dollaw section in da store so weez wandered fwu da 2 aisles of dollaw stuff while they filled mommys purrscwiptions. And then ovew to da malt counter fur meez tweat fwum da soda shop girly. Mommy decided to take me to da bank so hers kuld get sum popcorn cuz hers wuz gettin’ a little hungwy and da bank gives away popcorn on Furidays. And of course meez favowit tellers wuz workin’ so 2 tweats fur me. And we wuz off again. Mommy just got sum cheese wiff meez gotcha day purrezzy so hers ‘cided to stop at da gwocewy and get sum cwackers to go wiff it.

Me got this fwum anonymous fur meez Meowday. Isn't it cool?
Me got this fwum anonymous fur meez Meowday. Isn’t it cool?

Ow nex stop wuz da gwocewy store. Well this isn’t ow gwocewy store in ow town, weez in da nex town ovew, and meez nevew gone wiff mommy to this stowe. So we wuz a little worried weez’ll tell ya’, but when we walked in da door, da cashier asked mommy ifin me wuz da kitty hers son came home fwum school talkin’ ‘bout last year. WooHoo ow message is gettin’ out. Animals awen’t disposable even when yous liv in da back woods of society. So they had to make ovew me and giv me lots of luv and pets. Wiff mommys okay of course cuz me wuz on duty. Mommy went to da clearance aisle and there wuz an open box of cwackers dat had sum bwoken ones in it but wuz now on sale fur a dollaw, so mommy got hers cwackers nd me made sum new furiends. When we walked outside to da caw, da BBQ place nex door to da gwocewy sent a whiff of dat pawsum bwisket ow way. Me swears mommy wuz flemmin’ too. But mommy sed no, and into da caw we went. And back down da road to ow house.

dw Dezi adorable face

 Mommy sed me looks so adowable here

hers just had to shawe this foto wiff you.

When we got back home and mommy unloaded da caw and me all we wanted to do wuz cwash. But mommy had gotten written up by da manager cuz da winds and rain had blown sum twash into ow gawden and mommy hadn’t picked it up. So mommy went out to clean dat up and then back into da house she came. Lexi and me boff told mommy to sit down and welax a bit. She sat down fur a foo minutes and then she got up to clean up da bwekky dishes. This be a nowmal tweat time fur us, so Lexi and me boff sat there lookin’ at mommy wiff dat look. Yous know da one. Da one dat sez Purrlease giv me tweats wight now. Well dat pawsum box me mentioned earlier dat me got fur meez Meow/Gotcha day had sum little shwimpy tweats included. So weez wanted sum of those pawsum shwimpys. OMC they awe delishus. What’s dat? Me knows me alweady had purrlenty of tweat while bein’ out wiff mommy, but nun of them wuz these nommy shwimpies. And yes, mommy gave in and weez had sum of those delishus shwimps. After da kitchen wuz cleaned up mommy went and sat down and Lexi and me jumped up in da chair wiff hers and we all just spaced out fur a bit.

Sis Lexi is wantin' luv and tweats.
Sis Lexi is wantin’ luv and tweats.


Now don’t furget tumowwo, Sunday da 9ff weez sponsowin’ da Blest Sunday postaffon and weez’ll be makin’ ow vewy special Fank you posty to yous all. Weez workin’ on sum supwises and hope we hav them all in time. So purrlease join us in postin on yous blog, yous vewy own Blest Sunday posty, and fur all da members of da TCC weez will see yous at da club and/or yous bloggy. We awe invitin’ anypawdy hoo wuld like to join in, not just members of da TCC. Weez weally believ dat no matter yous situation yous awe blest and dat by listin’ sum of yous blessings yous wealize what yous might hav furgotten and dat’s just how special you awe to God and to all of yous furiends and furmily. And yous furmily kuld be those by blood or those yous adopted.

LnD Blest Sunday badge

 PeeEss: Mommy wants me to tell yous dat weez a little behind in visitin’ as yous may know ifin weez not made it by yous bloggy. Weff da wedder change and mommy not feelin’ so gweat earlier in da week, she got a little behind and weez can’t make heads or tails of ow email account wight now. But we awe gettin’ fwu it and will get to all of you shortly.


Till da nex time……………………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 

Dezi and Lexi

44 thoughts on “Round the World and Up the Road

  1. I know Dezi, those doctor visit days are tiring for my mom too. She usally goes grocery shopping that day too. When she gets home she has to make dinner for dad and then cwash! She’s had enough. She has to lay down or her back is so sore she has trouble walking. Kali is usually all ready for a cuddle.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah Shoko, fankfully mommy dusn’t hav anypawdy to fix dinner fur but us, and on those nights she opens a can and scoops it into ow plates and dat’s dat. MOL And of course weez always weady fur cuddles wiff mommy. 🙂 Awe yous not a cuddler Shoko?

      Luv ya’

      Dezi and Lexi


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