Gunna Getcha’

Lexi: Hey y’all Lexi heer hopin’ youz awl duin’ grayt. Yesfurday Dezi poezdid dat it had gawdid relee kold heer. And it did. Well when it gitz relee kold Dezi gitz in a funk of sortz. Not a down and owt kind but a relee playfull wun. Soz yesfurday she had bin duin’ her normull fing of hawllerin’ at mommy and mommy gittin’ up and chekin’ on herz and da pawdee boxiz ownlee too find nuffin’ in ‘em. Korz mommy nu dat afur herz gawdid up cuz weez had bowff awlredee gawn. But Dezi wuz skweekin’ nun da lezz and mommy duzn’t wanna miss anyfin’ jiz in kayz. Finelee mommy gawdid soz tired dat herz told Dezi she wuzn’t gittin’ up agin. She wuz gunna habz herz kup of kawffee and dat ibin Dezi wandid too tawlk too herz she kuld kumm too da libbin’ room too doo it. Soz in Deziz biggezt big girly voyz herz annownzt herz purrowtezt. Youz shulda herd it, it wuz hill-air-reeuz. Mommy and me bowff laft. Din in anudder big girl voyz, da wun dat skeerz any mommy, Dezi hawllerd owt. And of korz mommy reezpawndid bi jumpin’ strayt up and heddin’ fur da hawl. Mommy looked down da hawlway and der wuz Dezi starin’ rite at herz frum da bedroom. And din she jumped strayt up and ran away and din strayt fur mommy. See day play diz gaym of: gunna git me. Dezi sort of hidez and mommy purrtendz to nawt see herz and sez, “Where’s Dezi? Where’s my Dezi girl? Oh Dezi, where are you?” And then Dezi wigglez herz hinee and mommy startz to “run” away and sez, “You gunna get me? You gunna get me?” And Dezi chases behind her and then ends by jumpin’ on whateber herz kin find and din zoomz fru da howz and day start awl ober agin. Let me tell ya’ I’z git tired jiz watchin’ ‘em.

Check out what ow mommy did. We be so purroud of hers. As yous know mommy’s not so good wiff da tech stuffs or da foto apps and stuff so when she did this, weez did da happy kitty dance. And we wuz so excited we kuldn’t wait till Caturday awt day to show it off. So paw/click here to see ow pawsum mosaic.


Dezi: Me just luvs playin’ wiff mommy. So yesfurday weez asked ifin yous all wuld be innewested in weadin’ ‘bout UTI’s, and da answer wuz mostly yes. So those wuld be educational posties and be written in hooman so dat anypawdy and evewypawdy will be able to read ‘em. Me has a jamboree to attend wiff da Cat Scouts stawtin’ today and runnin’ fwu da week. So we fawt since sis Lexi wuz da one dat wuz here wiff hers bwofurs when this howwible illness occured and took Lucky’s life, meez gunna leave meez blog in hers capable hands. Sis Lexi wuz writin’ on Facebook long afur me stawted da blog, so hers is purrfectly capable of takin’ cawe of meez blog. Purrlease be nice to hers and weez hope to bwing sum insight into this pawful silent killer of cats known as da UTI. 

 0dw Dezi blue frame

By da way, mommy did get a vewy showt video of Lexi goin’ down da steps, but it’s purretty blurry, so weez’ll be postin’ all ‘bout da steps wiff videos and fotos this weekend. Dat’ll giv mommy a chance to get better videos and paws cwossed, boff of us. MOL Weez will be includin’ da where they came fwum, etc.. After all, weez vewy impurressed wiff ‘em.

 0dw Lexi close face


Till da nex time……………………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi

42 thoughts on “Gunna Getcha’

    1. OMC Meez not swe mommy evew fawt ’bout it dat way. Hers might not wanna play anymowe ifin she fins meez twyin’ to get hers in shape. MOL Nah, mommy will always play wiff me. Fanks. 🙂

      Luv ya’

      Dezi and Lexi


  1. I love the mosaic, that came out great. Dezi, I am sure you just wanted to help mom exercise. That game sounds like lots of fun. My Sammy will see you at the Jamboree, I am a bad mom though. I thought it started Friday.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Fank yous. Weez fawt it wuz so cool. And yep, me did just wanna help mommy. After all, dat beez meez job. MOL And yous not a bad mommy, most of da time, they do stawt on Furidays. Weez nevew had a jamboree afur tho’, so this be all diffewent. Me will see Sammy P. there.

      Luv ya’

      Dezi and Lexi


      1. Indy is good at amusing himself. He tears thru the house like a shot outta a gun when I get up in the morning & when I get home from work. Think it’s cuz he’s excited to see me? MOL

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Aaaaaaaw awnty Theresa, dat’s so cute. Yes we fink him’s pawfully glad to see yous. Weez know we wuld be. Giv hims and evewypawdy ow luv. Weez hope yous mommy be duin’ better. Weez purrayin’ fur yous all. Sendin’ hugs and kisses.

          Luv ya’

          Lexi, Dezi and mommy Audra


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