What’s The Question?

Meowllo everypawdy, hope yous had a pawsum day. Me knows dat sis Lexi wuz gunna be bloggin’ today ‘bout hers day out wiff mommy, but it’s answer yous cats question day today, so Lexi will tell hers story anudder day. We also wanna fank Miss Ellen fwum 15 and meowin’ fur da Roar and donation to ow PayPal and a meowsy big fank you to Brian and hims furmily fur their donation too. And to Miss Jackie, Jinx and Jasper a fank ta’ also. Mommys eye leaked, ow eyes leaked and weez all sent yous all a big hug. Me will say dat Dr. C didn’t tell us everyfin’ ‘bout this medicine. Actually hims didn’t tell us much, ‘cept dat sissy had to hav it 2 times a day and hims didn’t care how mommy had to get it in hers, just to get it in her. She did gweat da udder night. You all heard her slurpin’. But yesfurday, hers fwu up hers bwekky wight after eatin’, which means she also fwu up da medicine. Then she wuldn’t eat hers dinner. So dat only left one option…da pill push. Mommy did sum readin’ and this medicine is posed to bweak down in da tummy so it’s not weally posed to be mixed wiff hers noms anywways. Sumtimes even a good Vet has hims downfalls.  

Me luvs to go stwollin'.
Me luvs to go stwollin’.

In udder news, it’s time to vote fur da Nose to Nose awards fur da blogospere. Weez wuld sure luv to win one. We even hav a ticket to BlogPaws. Now all weez gotta do is figger out how to get there and where to stay. Nuffin’ much, wight? MOL Anyways, ifin yous wuld like to nominate ow bloggy or any of ow posties fur an award, we wuld be honored and gwateful. And here’s sum of da infurmation yous will need when you click here to nominate.

Mommy’s name: Audra High  

Our email addwess: lexi.dezi@yahoo.com

Our Blog addwess: https://dezizworld.wordpress.com

Our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Alexandra.Furiends

Our Blogpaws addwess: https://community.blogpaws.com/profile/DeztineeHigh

Our Twitter addwess: https://twitter.com/DezizWorld  

Me luvs gwass. Fanks awnty Jennifer.
Me luvs gwass. Fanks awnty Jennifer.

Now we be on to todays posty. Me has so many questions it’s hawd to narrow it down to just one or even two. And sis Lexi has a foo of hers own. Like, why can’t we hav pizza everyday? Or why do yous pass out mommy? And boff of us wanna know why it is dat yous need da coffee every meownin’? Well like me sed, we hav lots of questions, so lexi and me put ow heads togedder and fawt we wuld leave it to yous all. Is there sumfin’ yous wuld like to know ‘bout one of us or mommy? All yous gotta do is leave yous question in da comments section and we or mommy will answer yous question s in meez nex posty. We can’t wait to wead what yous kitty’s asked. Hav a pawsum Fursday.  

I'z lubz da grazz too. Fankz awnty Jennifer.
I’z lubz da grazz too. Fankz awnty Jennifer.

Till da nex time…………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 

Dezi and Lexi

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