Whoa…That’s a Needle

Hay y’all, Lexi heer. I’z dun gawn and hijacked Deziz bloggy soz I’z kuld tell youz bowt owr day. Soz I’z gezz youz kuld kawl diz Lexiz Werld. MOL Anywayz y’all noze I’z wendid too da VET cuz I’z nawt binna feelin’ soz good. Korz I’z fawt I’z wuz feelin’ much better. And dat wuz faynkz too awl youz purrayerz and support. I’z shur doo purreshayte it. Well mommy had fawt I’z wuz gunna habz me a blud tezt. And she wuz a little wereed. Troof beez towld herz wuz a lawt wereed, but she woodn’t let on like it rownd me.

Hoep youz like minez foto, mommy neerlee droev us off da rode taykin' it. MOL
Hoep youz like minez foto, mommy neerlee droev us off da rode taykin’ it. MOL

A a anywayz, mommy wuz gittin’ us redee too goze and feenkin’ bowt da trip (weez kood tell) and raynglin’ bowff of us and sided dat Dezi kood stay home and we wood mayk it a Lexi and mommy day owt. Seez da ownlee feeng Dezi duz dat I’z doent iz alert afur mommy passiz owt. but ya’ noze mommy habz awlwayz node dat eber kitty habz node it wuz gunna happin weez jiz didn’t doo noze little danziz and beez awl kutesee like Dezi duz. But after Deziz kutenezz stardid mommy began too watch me too see ibin I’z happind too doo anyfeeng, and whutd’ya’ noze, I’z stardid meowin’ like I’z doo at dinner time. Soz awl wuz good too leeb Dezi hoem and jiz habz a day fur da 2 of us.  Weez finelee gawdid too da VETz and dayz wayd me and shur nuff I’z habz lawzt sum wayt. Din weez wendid back too da room too wayt on Dr. C. I’z relee wuz dredin’ dat and waydid in da strowler.

When weez gawdid hoem I'z kuldn't hardlee wayt till dinner.
When weez gawdid hoem I’z kuldn’t hardlee wayt till dinner.

Finelee in himz wawlkz awl hapee and how ya’ dooin’ too mommy and awl. Whut dibberenz duz it mayk how mommy iz, weez heer fur me aynt we? Soz ontoo da taybull I’z went and himz sed, “Well her bladder’s full and I think a urinalysis would let me know if she has diabetes and a few other things as well az being easier on her.” Soz mommy sed, “so you don’t want to do a blood panel?” and himz sed, “Not if we can find our answers in the urine.” Soz da nize little gerlee kaymed intoo da room and held me down too da taybull and Dr. C…well himz stuck dat old needull rite intoo minez bladder. Iz himz NUTZ? Ibin ownlee I’z habz teef. I’z wooda toldid himz where too put dat needull. Well himz took minez deepawzit and left da room. When himz reeterned himz had wun of da teztz wiff himz and stardid splaynin too mommy awl bowt it, and herz eyez stardid leekin’. Soz I’z gunna let herz tell ya’ what himz sed. 

Ibin youz kant seez da video, click heer.

Thank you Lexi, I had a great time spending the day with you. And I’m sorry Dr. C stuck you with a needle, but we needed to know how to help you. Dr. C said that Lexi’s urine isn’t being concentrated enough because the liver is getting old and giving out. And that she has early stage Renal disease. He said that for now we would treat it with a supplement called Azodyl given twice a day. This is suppose to help take the pressure off the liver and process some of the toxins that her liver can’t. He didn’t do a blood test at this time because he felt it wasn’t needed since their was no sugar in her urine and diabetes had been the course of thought until now. And the tests he did perform on the urine were pretty extensive. He wants her on the Azodyl for a week and if she improves we’ll do nothing further as far as testing at this time. If she doesn’t improve, then we’ll have to go back and run more tests to determine what else might be the problem. As for her diagnosis, I would have preferred cantankerous old gal, but we believe in God and prayer, so we will ask you for your continued prayers. Lexi and Dezi are my world, and for the last almost 16 years I’ve done very little without Lexi. She is still so full of life and love, and has so much more to share with the world and with me. Thank you for all your support. This Azodyl is not cheap, and if it works, will be a forever thing. So we have put a donate button on our sidebar. As we can’t use HTML code, it only links to PayPal. You still have to enter our email address to donate. And if you choose friends and family, there is no fee charged to you for a transfer. I would very much like to  thank the girls “awnty Ann” who paid todays entire bill.  

mommy painted over ow address.
mommy painted over ow address.

Yep I’z wanna faynk herz too. And weez’ll beez meetin’ herz nex week, and weez’ll habz a grayt poeztee too shayr bowt dat too. Anywayz I’z gunna git off heer now thiz old gal may still habz it, but itz bin a lawng day and I’z redee fur a little nap. And I’z wanna faynk awnty Jennifer and grand awnty Peggy fur da delishuz nomz dat wuz waytin’ on me when weez gawdid hoem. Ibin youz lizzen reel kloez youz kin heer me smakin’. Dat wuz sum pawsum lamb. I’z jiz mite habz too hijack da blog agin’ too tell youz bowt da rezt of owr day.

Soz, as Dezi sez…Till da nex time…Beez Blest!!!


Lubz and Hugz and Kitty Kissez 

Lexi and Dezi and mommy

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