Training Behind the Scenes

Well we went AWOL yesfurday didn’t we? Weez ‘cided to save our Tuesday postys fur weviews, but weez didn’t weally have anyfin’ to weview and our innewnets went out da night afur so we ‘cided to just twy and do sum visits stead of postin’ just to be postin’. Sides, mommys bwain purrobly needed a little rest. MOL But weez back today fur anudder Service cat twainin’ stowry. This one’s a behind da scenes look cuz we wuld like to addwess sum of da comments weez been gettin’. Sum of ya’ sed yous was worried or concerned dat our twainin’ might be a little dangerwous and you was surpwised dat weez didn’t get hurt. Stead of twyin’ to answer yous all individually we ‘cided to twy to splain here. Now since noopawdy be in twainin’ and weez not have fotos fwum back then me fawt you might like to see me enjoyin’ one of da new made wiff luv toys awnty Ellen fwum 15 and meowin’ sent us when flat Sammy P came to visit.


Mommy bases hers twainin’ techniques loosely on what she observed Shad (mommys furst self twained Service Cat) duin’. Since Shad taught hers selff and da assumption is dat she wuldn’t purrpussly hurt hers selff then mommy had no doubt udder kitties kuld learn to purrfurm da tasks she needed to wemain livin’ independently. Mommy was also a dog twainer in hers yunger days. And she’s been disabled and twainin’ kitties to help her fur over 20 years so there’s not much she hasn’t seen or ‘sperienced. And she makes adjustments to all the equipment dat weez twain wiff and/or on.


Da stwing she uses to tie to da fone so we can learn to dial 911 and bwing it to her is secure and no kitties gunna get it off and swallow it. Even tho’ me be weally fascinated wiff da fone we don’t weally see it as a toy. And ifin weez not twainin’ da cordless handsets awen’t layin’ wound in da floor confusin’ us or temptin’ us to play wiff ‘em. Yes me was a feisty kitty girl and weally luvved to answer da fone, but me only ever twied to answer it when it actually rang. Ifin it wasn’t ringin’ me wasn’t touchin’ it.


Fank you awnty Ellen. Weez just luv yous made wiff luv toys.
Fank you awnty Ellen. Weez just luv yous made wiff luv toys.

As fur da wheelchair, da fotos yous see today awen’t what it looks like duwin’ twainin’. Because we live in a pawrtment and wuld have to pay fur any damage we cause and mommy dusn’t want us to be hurt eever, she makes sure da chair won’t be leavin’ mawrks on da wall or any holes in it. Mommy attaches big foam pieces to da metal foot rest and awrms so dat it’ll kinda bounce off whatever it hits. Mommy wasn’t a very good dwiver of da wheelchair in da beginnin’ eever and ran into a few doors and walls hers selff. Who is she twyin’ to kid? She still duz on occassion. MOL We did have one oopsie dat mommy hadn’t fawt ‘bout and purrally kuldn’t have purrpared fur, but fankfully nopawdy was hurt then eever.


As fur me and sissy, mommy keeps a purretty good hold on me or sissy when we be dwivin’. Mommy sez no matter how long yous been dwivin’ da wheelchair accidents can and do happen. Da joystick be very sensitive and da wheels can get “stuck” on da cawrpet and turn unexpectedly. So she’s always got a gentle but furm hold of us. When we come to an abwupt stop or sumfin’ we might lunge a bit, but nopawdy’s getting’ fwown outta da chair. And purrawlly most purrtant is dat our twainin’ takes place “inside da house”. We have a very small pawrtment so there’s not a lot of room and we don’t have faw to go afur weez at our destination. Altho’ da close purroximity of fings is why we can so suddenly run into furniture and walls and such. Our pawrtment is just a little over 500 square feet and mommy be a furniture walker so dat means we have lots of stuff to run into. MOL

Now sumpawdy asked ‘bout us “seein’” where weez dwivin’ to. Member our mouff be on da joystick; which by da way is a very soft vinyl/leather/plastic and therefur weez lookin’ downward stead of stwaight ahead. We can see da floor and fings on da floor and da bottoms of fings dat be fairly close, but like you ifin yous head was down; we can’t see swaight ahead. As fur helpin’ mommy in da shower…well all we get is a bit wet. And not all kitties hate da water. Mommy sez any kitty can be twained to fink it’s purrfectly normal to get wet. So there yous have it. These be just sum of da purrpurrations mommy takes when twainin’ us. We hope weez answered sum of yous questions ad helped you to unnewstand better what goes into our twainin’.


As we have sed afur, our stowries awe not meant to be a trainin’ manual as we can’t pawssibly list every minute of every day. And da twuff is dat mommy stawrts twainin’ us da minute we decide to make her our mommy. And altho’ we was kittens, mommy sez it’s never too late to twain yous kitty. Kitties do wanna purrlease their peeps so dat unwanted behavior yous kitty be duin’ can be altered ifin it weally be behaviorwal. But purrlease member to check wiff yous VET afur ‘cidin’ yous have a bad kitty. We don’t typically act out just cuz. We hope yous enjoyed a little look behind da scenes of our Service cat twainin’.


Now ifin yous member we also write an awticle fur da online kitty mewsletter called da Daily Mews. This mumff sis Lexi is tellin’ ‘bout hers fone twainin’. We know yous wanna read dat, so click here to check it out. Awnty Ellen fwum 15 and meowin’ also writes a piece there as do many udders. There’s a little sumfin’ fur everyone so check it out. And ifin yous never wanna miss out on a publication, just sign up. We purromise yous email won’t be sold and yous won’t be bugged by constant nonsense emails. Da daily mews posts 1 to 2 updates a mumff fur which you wuld weceive notice. Well dat’s it fur today. Come back tomorrow fur da continuin’ saga of meez flat scout alter ego, Izzy and Tristy aka Christy Paws. Da Lionesses awe on da prowl and yous won’t wanna miss out on their virtual adventures.


Till da next time………………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


Dezi and Lexi