Poison In A Bag

Well it’s finally Furiday. Mommy has hers mumffly doctors pointment today so we ‘cided to write a short posty since we won’t be able to do much in da way of visitin’. We was gunna write a Service cat twainin’ posty but we got a email yesfurday dat weally disturbed us so we wanted to take today to write ‘bout it and warn peeps.

Come on in and let’s have a chat.

Wiff more and more peeps bein’ disabled and havin’ aches and pains these days, there awe lots of studies into pain management. One of da newest options is one of da oldest dwugs wound, Cannabis. Yep pawently good ole once illegal everywhere marijuana’s posed to help wiff pain. We get lots of purrsonal messages and emails askin’ us to sign petitions to legalize da medical use of it. Mommy supposes we get asked so much cuz peeps know hers lives wiff tons of pain and wuld be sympaffetic. And da twuff is we awe empaffetic wiff those speriencin’ pain cuz mommy duz know what it’s like. And Cannabis isn’t any more addictive than any uvver nawrcotic pain weliever. So what’s da big deal you ask?

Well it’s fur sure hawrder fur most animals to get into a bottle of pain medicine than a bag. And peeps tend to be more careful wiff a bottle of pain medicine and don’t tend to just leave it layin’ wound. Now dat’s not to say dat there awen’t animals out there getting’ into those pills and getting’ sick, but da nummers awe purretty low cuz most peeps know most human meds be dangerwous fur their animal furiends.

But da use of marijuana is much more welaxed cuz it’s sumfin’ dat be smoked. And most peeps don’t fink twice ‘bout smokin’ wound their furry babies. And leavin’ da bag of marijuana layin’ wound is similar to leavin’ a pack of cigarwettes layin’ wound. Da active ingwedient dat gives hoomans those welaxed feelins is called delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. Afur da use of marijuana as a pain med, da THC levels was wound 1% – 3%. But today THC levels awe much higher and have even been noted at over 30%.


This ingwedient is highly toxic to yous cats, doggies, wabbits, pigs and all small animals; specially those wiff bweavin’ conditions. Smokin’ da dwug wound yous pet is hawrmful, but not nearly as hawrmful as them eatin’ it fwum dat bag dat be layin’ wound. Since da legality of Cannabis fur medical conditions has occurred there has been a rise of marijuana poisoning in dogs and cats. There awe more documented cases among our canine furiends, but studies show dat kitties have more severe and lastin’ weactions. Da symptoms of Cannabis poisonin’ in cats and uvver small animals is: Lethargy, Uncoordinated (falling over), Depression and/or Anxiety, Vomitin’, Slow Heart rate, Seizures and sometimes Coma. It can be fatal.

We wuld like to wemind you dat ifin yous usin Cannabis fur any weason dat yous keep it out of da weach of yous furry pal. Purrlease don’t leave it where your pets can get into it. And ifin yous spect marijuana poisonin’ call da ASPCA poison contwol line and get yous pet to da VET immediately.

Catnip and Cannabis awe NOT da same!!

Weez be joinin’ Rascal and Rocco fur anudder issue of da Pet Pawade. Check out da hop on their blog and all da udder pawsum animals in da blogosphere. And weez’ll be wound to see you as soon as we can.

Till da next time……………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi


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