A Chewy Catswell Tuesday

Well Meowllo day of labor. MOL Yous know sis Lexi has had sum weally bad days here lately where she “kuldn’t” eat. She was innewested and hungwy but she just didn’t seem to be able to eat. When we finally figgered out what was wrong and got da acids unnew contwol we was all a happy bunch here. She was finally eatin’ again. Gwanted she wasn’t eatin’ as well as she had been but mommy and me was just happy to see hers eat anyfin’. She was lookin’ like a bag of bones and had mommy cwyin’ all da time.

Yippeeeee A chewy box!!!
Yippeeeee A chewy box!!!

Well as you know weez pawrt of da Chewy.com blogger purrogwam and very gwateful fur dat; so when we got da list of choices this mumff we tentatively aksed fur da Catswell Nutrisca Grain Free Chicken Entre`e in Savory Broth. It comes in 10 different flavors and costs less than $22.00 fur a case of 2.7 oz. cans. Me eats purretty well so mommy dusn’t worry so much ‘bout me but when sissy be eatin’ we don’t like to upset da kitty by changin’ fings up. But at da time sissy was eatin’ nuffin’ but tuna and you know how much mommy hates fur us to eat tuna, so she was weally hopin’ Lexi wuld not only like this new food but dat it wuld kick stawrt sissy into eatin’ udder purroteins again. Dat’s a purretty big burden to put on a little ole can of noms, but we was purrayin’ and believin’ it wuld work out.


Da day came when our chewy box awwived. Me was ‘cited cuz we had a new box. We had wecently had an inspection and so mommy had to fwo out all our boxes. (‘cordin’ to da management, boxes be a fire hazard.) Anyways, mommy opened da box and pulled out da case of Catswell Nutrisca noms. Me had a good sniff and went off to play in da box while mommy had a mini foto shoot wiff da cans. Dinner time was still a ways off so mommy went online to see what she kuld find out ‘bout this new cat food and da company dat makes it. Turns out da pawent company called Dogswell is fairly new. They was founded in 2004 when they developed their furst purroduct, a dog tweat wiff glucosamine and chondroitin. Now they make food and tweats fur boff cats and dogs; da newest bein’ da Nutrisca Grain Free canned noms.


Dinner time finally awwived and mommy gwabbed a can of these new noms and pulled da tab. Sis Lexi immediately stawrted meowin’ fwum her place at da table and me chimed in while rubbin’ mommys legs. As mommy duz wiff all our weview items she pulled out da flashy box and stawrted wiff da foto shoot. You know me dusn’t know why she has to do this when we be hungwy and waitin’ on her to fix our plates. Finally on da plate, mommy had divided da can ‘tween us; she set our noms in fwunt of us. Mmmmmmmm nom, nom, nom. This is good mommy, me meowed fwum meez plate. So me gives it 4 paws up. What ‘bout sissy you ask? Well let me tell ya’.


Sissy didn’t bovver to look up or tell us whevver she liked it or not. She kept hers head down and just kept eatin’. When she finally finished hers half of da can, she looked up and meowed fur more. WooHoo!!!!! (Dezi jumps down briefly and does the happy dance) Dat wuld mean 4 paws up fwum sissy too. She licked da plate clean and asked fur seconds. We kuldn’t have asked fur more. So what did mommy fink ‘bout it? She’s fwilled sis Lexi liked it so well and continues to like it days later. She was also weally happy dat it looks just like chicken bits and shreds. Da furst 2 ingwedients be chicken bwoth and chicken, and you can fur sure tell by lookin’ at it. Anudder fing mommy likes is da lack of carrageenan in it. Mommy was a little disappointed dat there not be much infurmation ‘bout it and she kuldn’t find da DMA (dry matter analysis) anywhere. Since sis Lexi has CKD it’s weally purrtant dat mommy knows da DMA of any noms sissy eats. So mommy called da company and spoke to a weally nice lady dat sed da noms be so new they don’t yet have all da nummers available, but dat she wuld get back wiff us as soon as pawssible. So 2 fumms up fwum mommy too. Even tho’ she dusn’t know da nummers, their customer service was pawsum and easy to deal wiff. Dat means a lot these days. We know yous know what we mean.


Chewy adds new items all da ttime, so ifin yous not checked ‘em out lately, you might wanna head on over and take a look see, just click here. You can get all yous favowits and even have them ship automatically so yous never run out. You can cancel or change yous delivery anytime, and shippin’ be very weasonable.. It’s even furee fur orders over $49.00. And quick, let me tell ya’ Chewy ships yous order out in a flash. And don’t worry, yous never stuck wiff sumfin’ yous furry won’t eat or use cuz Chewy offers a money back guarantee on everyfin’. And their customer service peeps be da nicest peeps yous’ll talk wiff in da business.


Disclaimer: We weceived a case of noms in exchange fur our honest opinion. Chewy nor Catswell/Dogswell awe wespawnsible fur da content of this posty. We only bwing you purroducts we use or have twied ourselve and fink you wuld be innewested in.

Till da next time…………………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi