Blest Sunday

Dezi, you got sum ‘splainin’ to do…

Yep dat’s zactly what mommy sed to me when we began to wead da comments fwum Fursday’s posty and our emails. And what better day to put a pawsitive light on a negative than Blest Sunday. Cuz yous know we be blest. So weez told you Fursday dat we was gunna be takin’ sum cweative licenses wiff our Izzy and Tristy flat scout twavel posties. And dat it was gunna be fun. We also added dat it wuld be a challenge cuz mommy has a blood clot on hers bwain dat affects hers cweativity and short term memorwy. Thus story tellin’ (ie: lyin’) isn’t sumfin’ mommy duz very well. Me must tell ya’ dat mommy never did like lyin’ and lyers so dat pawrt of da injury dusn’t weally bovver her. Da pawrt of da short term memorwy fing dat duz bovver her is da furgettin’ fings and peeps and names and such. So mommy lives by a calendar. She puts everyfin’ she needs to do in not 1 but several calendars and sets up weminders fur da weally purrtant stuffs. Da puter has been a pawsum help wiff these fings. As fur da cweativity, mommy wrote fings like songs and poetry and short stowries all based in fact. She sez it dusn’t take a lot of cweativity to write facts. Least dat be hers ‘pinion. So da clot never weally bovvered her in dat wespect. ifin our Flat Fursday adventures wemind you of a book yous read or movie yous seen it’ll be cuz mommy and me will draw fwum those speriences as well as sum of mommys own to write ‘bout Izzy and Tristy’s adventures. Mommy has led a very adventurwous life back afur hers accident. Who is she twyin’ to kid…it’s been purretty ‘citin’ since da accident too. And as you can see fwum our fotos today, mommy’s been playin’ in da foto apps again. MOL Hope yous enjoy seein’ them.



It’s not all good tho’, it duz come wiff it’s own issues. Da blood clot be da main weason mommy has constant migwaines. Migwaines be pawrtly a blood flow issue and when da blood can’t flow fureely it causes purroblems. So da clot on mommys bwain duz affect her health and pain levels. But mommy sez da bestest medicine is a purrin’ kitty massagin’ yous head. But mommy sez da blood clot be da least of hers concerns cuz da pain in da rest of hers body, da sciatica and da neuropaffy causes hers more aches and affects hers daily life in ways da clot dusn’t.

Dusn't sissy look good in gold? Luv ya' Lexi
Dusn’t sissy look good in gold? Luv ya’ Lexi

Fur those of you dat asked, No, there weally isn’t any tweatment. Yes they kuld do surgerwy and twy to dissolve or wemove it, but there’s a huge chance she won’t ever wake up again. And since it’s affects awe manageable she dusn’t weally fink ‘bout it much. By manageable we mean calendars, notes, schedules, purrin’, massagin’ kitties, and migwaine medicine. The good news is dat it hasn’t moved or grown in all these years so it’s purretty stable. There is always a pawssibility dat it kuld bweak loose. Ifin dat was to happen…mommy wuld dwop dead instantly. Now mommy’s fur sure in no hurry to die or leave us, but she duz say dat she’s weady to meet hers Maker ifin and when da time comes. After all it wuld be immediate, and pain furee. Dat’s sumfin’ to be fankful fur. Now weez in no way mean this to be a sad and somber posty. As you know we don’t live dwellin’ on these fings. We just ‘cided it wuld be easier to tell everypawdy at once stead of twyin’ to write it a bunch of times to tell yous individually. And lots of you dat asked awe on blogger and don’t know when weez weply to yous comment anyways.


We give fanks everyday dat we have anudder day togevver. And we feel extwemely blest to be here and to have met all of you. Seems this past year has flown by so fast and it’ll be over afur yous know it. But what a blessin’ this year has been. We’ve met in purrson so many more of our wunnewful innewnet furmily and it’s been furbulous!!! We do hope to be able to attend BlogPaws this next year so we can meet and weconnect wiff all of you. Only time will tell, and weez purrayin’ it happens fur sure. Weez also sendin’ out purrayers to all our furiends, and extwas fur those in need. Member to take a minute today and everyday to count yous many blessings and give fanks dat you have anuvver day to enjoy this wunnewful life yous been given. May da Lord save and keep you and always have yous back.

I'z lubz youz Dezi. And I'z fink youz look pawzum in terkoyz.
I’z lubz youz Dezi. And I’z fink youz look pawzum in terkoyz.

Till da next time…………………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi