We’ve been Multiplied

Well now cwazy days awe here again. Yesfurday we visited and then twied to write up meez twainin’ posty fur today and we worked on meez cweative Flat Fursday posty too. Can you believe it? We was gunna be a whole day ahead again. Duwin’ da flood last year we actually was able to stay a day or two ahead. When our puter cwashed and da innewnet went out fur days, we got behind and now we just write meez posties everyday. Mommy got tired and fell asleep at da puter afur puttin’ da fotos in meez posty and schedulin’ it last night, so this meownin’ we went stwaight to da Live writer to finish it up. Sumfin’ kept naggin’ at mommy and so she ‘cided to check da emails afur we finished up meez posty and OMC is me ever glad we did. Cuz today be Mo’ Cats Day!!! Well now we fur sure didn’t wanna miss dat.

 dw-spDnL tiledperspective

Pawently it’s sumfin’ dat happened afur we even had a puter and was online, but weez here now and wanna support all our kitty furiends. So da stowry goes sumfin’ like this: way back in 2009 on September da 9ff sumpawdy out there (a cat hater to be sure) declared dat day to be No cats day. See? Had to be a cat hater. Anyways, our very own Little Isis fwum da Cat Blogospere (by da way, fanks fur all you do) sed, “Hmmmmpht I’m not havin’ that!!” And she declared it to be Mo’ Cats Day and flooded da innewnets wiff kitties. Yep dat’s wight, us cats do have a spine. And claws too, so don’t mess wiff da cat. MOL So mommy went into da foto apps and multiplied sis Lexi and me into more cats fur Mo’ Cats Day.


Come back tomowwo fur our furst twy at cweative writin’ and join me Furiday fur anudder pawsum twainin’ stowry. We have a big surpwise fur ya’ dat day.


Till da next time………………………..Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi