Prayers Fur All

It’s CATURDAY!!! Da weekend is finally here. It’s time fur anudder flat cat Caturday…but weez didn’t have any visitors this week. We have a special visitor on da way tho’ and next week weez’ll have a surpwise fur ya’ wiff a stowry ‘bout meez (izzy) visit wiff meez handsum mancat Andy. Yous weally wanna be here fur dat. And ifin yous enjoyed our cweative venture of Lionesses on the Prowl Fursday yous’ll fur sure wanna come back every fursday to see what our little lionesses be up to dat week.

dw-Dezi kisses1
Me asked mommy to help fix me a kissin’ booff . Timmy and unkle Pete made me a pawsum one, but me fawt me shuld help too.
Fanks fur fixin’ me up Timmy, Einstein and unkle Pete.
And since Einstein be mannin’ da udder kissin’ booff me wanted mommy to help me fix him up one too. Him’s a cutey isn’t he.

Cat Scouts is more than just an adventure. We have tons of fun. And we support each udder and help each udder in every way we can. But it duz have it’s serious side. Den Master cweated it to make us better Cats and kittens. Each badge we earn teaches us sumfin’. Every quest we have makes us better at workin’ wiff udders. And we take purride in bein’ purrmoted up da ranks. But those purrmotions come wiff more wespawnsibility to be good examples of well wounded cats fur all da kittens and udder cats of da world. Ifin yous not a member yet, wha’cha’ waitin’ on? head on over now, and join up. Click da red link. Weez havin’ our big Carnival this weekend and meez mannin’ a kissin’ booff.


Now me needs to be serious fur a minute and ask you all to purray fur awnty Ellen and da furmily over at 15 and meowin’. Sweet bootyful Lucy was diagnose wiff cancer this past week. She had been not eatin’ and feelin’ poorly. After many tests da diagnosis became clear. They twied to help her stay wound but she was just weady to go. sumtimes dat happens. But just cuz she was weady dusn’t mean da rest of us was. So hers furmily be weally gwievin’ wight now as gawjus Lucy went to heaven yesfurday. One of meez fellow cat scouts, Foxy, has been dislocated. Her and hers daddy (our unkle Edward) had to move but they can’t find anywhere to live dat will be good fur Foxy. Fankfully anudder of meez pawsum scouts is helpin’ out by keepin’ Foxy till unkle Edward can find them a place to live. And meez furiend Flynn’s not been feelin; well lately eever. Me kuld go on and on but da twuff is most of us kuld use sum purrayers. So me wuld ask you to member all those in need and send up a little purrayer fur them. We purray fur all of ya’ everyday  and ask God to keep Hims hands on each of you. He knows da need even when we don’t.


Weez joinin’ Athena and Marie fur da Caturday Awrt Blog Hop. Go on by and check out all da udder pawsum awrtful kitties.

Till da next time………………………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi