Hallo Vienna

Well we was as busy as me had fawt we wuld be yesfurday and didn’t get to visit wiff anypawdy. So guess what weez gunna be duin’ today? Yep dat’s wight, weez gunna be twyin’ to get caught back up. Since Monday be a holiday everypawdy was out yesfurday. Da doctors office was packed and there was standin’ room only at da fawrmacy. Speakin’ of holidays, this mumff da blogosphere be celebwatin’ cats. Mommy sez we kitties shuld be celebwated all da time, but she’s always happy to have da rest of da world celebwate wiff her. Now ifin yous been followin’ meez postys lately yous know today shuld be anudder Cat Scout Flat Scout Caturday. But Sammy P headed home Monday and weez not had any new visitors show up. But hey, all’s not lost.

dw-DnLVisit to Fiestaarrow
Mommy luvs watermelon. We bet she’s purretty jealous of us wight now.

dw-DnLAt Starbucks
Chillin’ at da Starbucks. One last coffee afur hittin’ da road.

Member our awnty dat came fur a visit da uvver day? Well she was weally ‘cited ‘bout our twavelin’ adventures. She wecently lost hers own sweet kitty and cuz she be fwum da U.S. but livin’ in Slovakia wight now she can’t weally get anudder pawsum ball of fur. So she asked mommy ifin me, aka Izzy wuld like to twavel to Slovakia wiff her and see a few sights. Oh me cats and kitten what fun me fawt dat wuld be. And so mommy sed dat wuld be wunnewful ifin she wanted to show me, aka Izzy da sights acwoss da world. Sis Lexi heard us talkin’ and piped in dat she wanted to go too. She meowed she hadn’t dun anyfin’ like dat in all hers 16 years. So a kupple purrint outs later, and by da way mommy purrinted our fotos on da wrong side of da foto paper; flat Izzy and flat Alexis (aka sis Lexi,) was weady to become world twavelers. We twaveled back to Austin wiff awnty Lizbeth where she packed and got weady fur hers weturn to Slovakia.

dw-DnLIn Houston
See ya’ Texas and da USA. Weez’ll be back soon.

Our furst stop after awwivin’ in Austin was da Fiesta gwocery store where our new awnty, Sonia, is da manager. Da awnties took us to Starbucks fur one last coffee afur awnty Lizbeth had to leave. We, our flats, was so ‘cited. Weez never been on a plane afur. Even when sissy was yunger and mommy twaveled a bit they always took da cawr. We arrived at da airport in Houston in purrlenty of time to go fwu all da security purrcautions they take today afur lettin’ ya’ on da plane. A quick stop fur a foto op and we boarded da plane headin’ fur da uvver side of da world. We had a quick stop in Paris, too quick fur foto ops and we was off to Vienna. Izzy (aka Dezi) and Alexis (aka Lexi) was well behaved while twavellin’. Awnty Lizbeth sed we was purrfect angels. Finally we awwived in Vienna. OMC What a place. We had our fotos taken in fwunt of da welkum to Vienna sign and then headed off fur Slovakia. We (flat Lexi and flat Dezi) can’t wait to see where weez be off to next. Fanks fur takin’ us awnty Lizbeth; weez havin’ a blast.

dw-DnLIn Vienna
Hallo Vienna. Oh yous all speak English? Can yous speak Cat?

As we do most Caturdays, weez joinin’ Athena and Marie fur da Caturday Awrt Blog Hop. Check it out and see all da pawsum awrtsy fotos by clickin’ here.


Till da next time…………………………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi