Treat Training

Well it’s time fur anudder twainin’ stowry. And guess what? Me has a special surpwise fur ya’. Sis Lexi asked ifin she kuld tell it. Those of ya’ dat followed us on facebook know what a pawsum stowry teller sissy is so me told her she kuld tell a twainin’ stowry fwum hers purrspective. So take it away sissy.


Faynkz Dezi. Now az you awl know Dezi iz kwite comical but I gotta tell ya’, at da time I wuz wunderin’ ifin she wuz ebber gunna lern to drive da chair or ifin dat wuz awlwayz gunna be minez job. She didn’t awlwayz seem like da crizpezt cracker in da package. So mommy had used luv and nip and now she ‘cided to use treatz. Awlrite, I’z luv treatz. Maybe thiz konztant traynin’ wuz gunna be a good fing after awl. Mommy gave us boff a kupple treatz and then put da bag in da little pouch on da arm of da chair. So here we iz boff sittin’ in mommyz lap lickin’ our lipz and tayztin’ da lazt bit of treet and mommyz reddy too trayn. Well Dezi had udder ideaz and…Well it went sumpin’ like diz…

 dw-DeziDSCN4949 (800x779)

When mommy put da treat bag in da pouch Deziz eyez went wiv her. And az mommy adjuzted me on herz levt leg Dezi put herz head fru da side of da arm and stuck it into da pouch wiv da treat bag. So when mommy let go of me and turned herz tenshun too Dezi who wuz tryin’ too pull da treat bag up, I’z ‘cided too help her. Hmmmmm maybe diz kat aynt az dumb az she lookz, I’z fawt. Now ya’ gotta unnerstand at at time helpin’ meant dat I’z wuz tryin’ too push herz outta da way soz I kuld get a treat furzt. Aaaaw Come on, I’z da oldezt and I’z been here da longezt, AND I’ can drive da chair awlreddy. So I’z dezerve da furzt treat, rite? Rite!!! I’z habz grown up a lot sinz din and I’z lubz minez sissyfur Dezi bunchez now. But back din she wuz a real payn in minez pawz-teerier. Anywayz there we wuz each one of us mommyz legz tryin’ too get da treat bag and mommyz tryin’ too pull us away so Dezi can habz a traynin’ seshun. Dezi finally got a good hold on dat treat bag and wuz ay-bull too pull it up outta dat pouch. Well in da middle of awl diz skufflin’ we had pawed da power button sevral timez and had stood on da speed button cauzin’ it to go awl da way too top speed and down again over and over.

 dw-DeziDSCN4933 (800x599)

Az Dezi pulled thoze treatz up and pushed me back, herz big ole furry paw steadies its selff on da joystick pad. And az she did….Vroooooooooooooooom full speed ahead weez went. Da jolt furwerd cauzed us too get frown back in da chair. Weez only came too a full stop when we ran into da same chezt Dezi had run intoo afur. Dezi turned herz head so we kuld see eyez big az sawzerz and wiff da treat bag still hangin’ frum herz mouff she let out a growl. Now let me tell ya’ ‘bout Dezi and herz growlin’. She has what mommy and me call a fayke growl. It’s a mediun pitched grrrrrrrr dat she uses when mommy has to klean herz bloomerz or da rabbitz and squirrelz come up too da door. This wasn’t dat growl. She was usin’ diz low and loud Grrrrrrr dat sed she meant biznezz. I looked up at mommy who now had eyez big az sawzerz too; and mommy reached over and grabbed da bag of treatz frum Dezi and sed, “Alright girls, neither of ya’ are getting treats. Treats are for good girls and y’all are actin’ pretty ugly right now.” I knew dat tone and knew it meant we really wuzn’t getting’ anymore treatz. So I jumped down and Dezi followed behind me. Mommy parked da chair and hooked up da charger and declared lesson over.


Da next meownin’ when we all woke up Dezi and me gave mommy herz meownin’ get it in gear massage and rolled her to da chair. Az soon az mommys hiney-bo hit da seat, Dezi hopped over in herz lap and started meowin’. Mommy started to move Dezi over and told me to get in the chair cuz she really needed to go to da pawdee room asap. So I’z crouched to jump into mommyz lap in da chair, and Dezi bit down on da joystick and pushed. Da chair turned and took off like lightnin’. I’z took a small leap and landed back on da bed cuz da back of da chair was facin’ me and movin’ away fazt. Mommy started hollerin’, “Lexi, baby, are you okay?” I’z stood up awl startled and dizzy like when I’z heard a loud boom, and looked over towardz mommy, and she and Dezi wuz safely in da pawdee box room. They had hit da baff tub, but they wuz there and safe. I ran too them and Dezi wuz wigglin’ herz suthern belle little (huge) hiney bo and getting’ awl kinds of prayz and lubbin’. Dezi be awl ‘cited dat she had gotten mommy to da pawdee box room. Purrleaze, youz gotta do it more din once afur youz get to celebrayt like dat I’z told her. Youz know any kitty can habz a freak accident. When she can do it ebbertime wiffout runnin’ into ebberfing in da houze thenz when it’ll beez time fur celebraytin’. I’z hope youz awl enjoyed minez tellin’ of Deziz furzt success.

Fanks sissy. Meez turned out to be purretty smawrt don’t ya’ fink? Weez joinin’ Rascal and Rocco fur da Pet Pawade Blog Hop.

Today be a day we member cuz so many Americans lost their lives when da planes went cwashin’ into da towers. When terrorism reared it’s ugly head in our country and on our soil. America hadn’t known this kind of violence in a very long time. Our stweets and land had been safe fur many years. We haven’t had war on our soil since the Civil War. We send out fawts and purrayers to all those affected and salute all those who worked tirelessly to restore our great Country. We must always remember lest we be doomed to wepeat da past.

Dezi = Blue

Lexi = Green

Anyways, Till da next time……………………Be Blest!!!

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi