Living In the Lap of Luxury

Blest Sunday

Well weez made it to anudder Blest Sunday. Me hopes yous enjoyed pawrt 1 of meez flat scout visit wiff Andy yesfurday. Hims will be back next week to tell ya’ da rest of da stowry. And be sure to join me tomowwo fur a pawsum give away. Meez tellin’ ya’ every house needs at least one of these.

 dw--DSCN4876 (800x600)

Sissy’s been duin’ purretty good. She’s eatin’ ‘bout 12 ounces a meal so dat makes mommy and me purretty happy. Even tho’ she fwu up this meownin’, she was weady to eat more wight away. And she’s been playin’ a little which has always made mommy happy. She sez we work hawrd and deserve to play hawrd. Mommy always smiles when we play. She gets da leaky eyes when we play togevver. Sumfin’ ‘bout bootyful sisfurly luv. Da one fing dat makes mommy sad is dat sissy has been not sleepin’ wiff us. She comes to bed fur purrayers and to massage mommy off to sleep but then she goes and sleeps unnew da kitchen table. She always comes back to help get mommy up in da meownin’s but mommy has twubble sleepin’ wiffout boff of us. So me has been weally cuddlin’ up to mommy so she won’t miss sissy so much. Mommy sez dat sissy be weadyin’ us fur “da day.” And NO, we can’t say it or even fink ‘bout it. Altho’, mommy has been lookin’ a little longer at da kitties needin’ homes lately, me finks she’s just twyin’ to wish ‘em a gweat home like we have.

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But dat duz bwing me to our huge blessin’ this week. And dat is dat weez all here togevver still luvvin’ each udder. And dat we have all of you who luv and support us and who we luv very much. And even tho’ da days awe getting’ shorter and lookin’ gloomier it’s still warm outside. Winter will be here soon enuff bwingin’ wiff it fureezin’ temps and yucky gway skies. We worry so much ‘bout da ferals duwin’ da winter time and awe so fankful to see so many of you makin’ such pawsum accommodations fur them outside yous homes. We know they fank you too and feel blest to have wandered upon yous luvvin’ home. Tho they may never know da touch of luv they will know da feelin’.

 dw-DeziFSCN4873 (800x600)

All of us here awe so very blest. We may complain ‘bout da wevver, but weez not weally know what it’s like. We awe blest to have homes and hoomans and purrlenty of food and soft beds and lots of toys and all da luv in da world. We have a/c’s and fans fur da summer mumffs and heaters and warm blankets fur da cold ones. Ifin we turn our nose up at da meal placed afur us our hoomans almost always offer us sumfin’ else. We all live in da lap of luxury and awe blest to have these lives. So as you go ‘bout yous day, stop fur a minute and member to say fank you fur da many blessings in yous life.

Till da next time………………………..Be Blest!!!

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi

hugging cat