Learning To Drive

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MeeeeeOW weez been cwazy busy wound here da last few days so mommy just kuldn’t help me get a posty up yesfurday. Me told you Monday dat me has a give away comin’ up so mommy had lots of fotos to get in da puter and we luv this purroduct so much dat we didn’t want mommy to stop testin’ it. And mommy be on a mission to take a foto of sis Lexi everyday. Purroblem is dat sissy wants to do da same fing everyday so all da fotos look alike. But mommy sez dat’s okay cuz they all be of sissy sittin’ in hers lap. But enuff of ketchin’ ya’ up on what weez been duin’, cuz today be a Service cat twainin’ posty day.

Pull up a chair and let me tell ya' a stowry.
Pull up a chair and let me tell ya’ a stowry.

In our last stowry sis Lexi had told ya’ dat me had finally gotten mommy safely into da pawdee box room. Sissy also told ya’ dat once dusn’t mean me be fully twained. Sumtimes she can sure be a downer, but she’s wight. Me wuld need to wepeat dat lots more times hopefully wiffout cwashin’ into da bafftub. And me needed to learn to dwive mommy down da hall and to da kitchen so she kuld make us our bwekky and hers coffee. Mommy sez by da time we head to da kitchen she be able to dwive. She still can’t walk, but she has use of hers awrms and hands; but finks it be a good idea dat we be twained cuz she just dusn’t know what da future holds. So da day me got mommy and me to da pawdee box room sis Lexi took over and got us to da kitchen. Me was still busy celebwatin’ meez success, and usin’ da big girls pawdee box. MOL

dw-LexiDSCN4919 (800x600)
Foto fur da day 9/15/2015

So later dat day mommy got all set up fur a twainin’ session up da hall. Mommy had ‘cided dat tweat twainin’ purrobly wasn’t da way to go cuz we got too sidetwacked. Mommy isn’t fond of tweat twainin’ in general cuz havin’ a tweat on her all da time just isn’t pawsible and what we be learnin’ isn’t a twick to be purrfurmed like jumpin’ fwu a hoop. So anyways, mommy had put da tweats away and pawsitioned da chair at da edge of da pawdee box room headin’ out when she called to me. Of course me came runnin’ and jumped up in mommys lap. Me weally luvs meez mommy and wuld hang in hers lap all da time ifin me kuld. Mommy got me situated on hers wight leg and told me to turn on da movin’ chair. Me stawrted rubbin’ mommy and da awrm of da chair wiff meez head and purrin’ like a motor boat. Mommy caved and stawrted luvvin’ on me.

After a little luv fest me pawed at da power button and heard it beep several times. Mommy kuld see da wainbow of lights and told me to bite da joystick. Me bit down and da chair stawrted turnin’. Mommy had made sure da wheels was turned to make da chair veer to da wight and towards da hall. Me wasn’t sure we was posed to be turnin’ so me let go of da joystick and turned to look at mommy who weassured me dat everyfin’ was okay. Me we-pawsitioned and stepped all over da power awrm of da movin’ chair. Me finally settled in and mommy told me to push da joystick furward. Me gently pushed at da joystick and nuffin’ happened. Mommy twied to look wound meez head to see what was goin’ on, but me stood up and meez big paws purressed all da buttons on da power awrm. Me still had da joystick in meez mouff, and was pushin’ it furward. So yous guessed it, we bolted furward so fast me fawt meez head was spinnin’.

 dw-DeziDSCN4933 (800x599)a

When we jolted furward me pushed da joystick even hawrder. And stead of stwaightenin’ out, da wheels kept turnin’. Wasn’t meez head spinnin’ after all; it was da room. MOL Let me tell ya’ sumfin’ ‘bout these movin’ chairs; they can turn all da way wound on a dime. So there we was turnin’ wound and wound and wound.

Lexi: Yep Dezi, frum minez seat in da livin’ room I’z fawt yawl wuz gunna burn a hole in da floor.

 dw-DeziDSCN4884 (800x599)

Oh sissy me too. Me finally got so dizzy me let go of da joystick and we came to a stop. Amazinly ‘nuff we was in almost da same pawsition as we stawrted out in. Even so, me was fwu dwivin’ fur da day. Me jumped outta mommys lap to a spinnin’ floor and “dwunkenly” wobbled off up da hall to da livin’ room to get me sum sis Lexi luvvin’. Me was stawrtin’ to fink sissy might be wight ‘bout it bein’ just luck dat me got mommy to da pawdee box room earlier. But me became more determined to purrove her wrong. Stay tuned fur da next epawsode of learnin’ to dwive.

Till da next time………………………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi