Thankful Blest Sunday

It’s time fur anuvver Blest Sunday posty. And let me tell ya’ weez fur sure had a blest week. As ya’ know sis Lexi had been on da down side of ups and downs and had quit eatin’ again. Well purrayers and medicine turned dat wound and she headed back fur da up side. She wasn’t eatin’ as much as mommy wulda liked, but at least she was eatin’. She’s been finishin’ off tween 10 and 12 ounces a day. Weez’ll be even happier when she be eatin’ at least 16 ounces a day. (yes, weez big kitties) And you all know how much mommy likes hers coffee. She sez she needs it. Sumfin’ ‘bout a caffeine addiction. All me knows is dat ifin she dusn’t get it she gets weally shaky and cwabby. And this past week she ran out. Yep, sure nuff. She was climbin’ da walls and pullin’ hers hair out. It’s a site to see fur sure.


So there we was trwyin’ to visit all our furiends and da big UPS twuck dwove into da complex. We didn’t pay him much tention cuz we hadn’t ordered anyfin’ and wasn’t spectin’ nuffin’. When all of da sudden there was a knock on da door. Well it’s still purretty hot here and we be on sum plan wiff da lectwic company where they chawrge us more purr klw duwin’ da day and then da cheap at night and weekends so mommy sits wound a lot in nuffin’ more than a big long shirt and hers unmentionables. Anyways, me jumped outta hers lap and headed fur da door wuff mommy wight behind me. She opened da door and sed, “Hello hon, we weren’t expectin’ ya’.” Our UPS man handed mommy a box and da chatted a minute ‘bout da wevver and left. Mommy opened da box and inside was a case of Tiki Cat chicken and duck noms. OMC Weez luv those noms. Mommy gwabbed da camewa and stawrted takin’ fotos. Sis Lexi weally luvs ‘em and was more than happy to pose wiff ‘em. She fawt she was gunna get a can wight then. She didn’t, mommy made hers wait fur dinner, but she posed anyways.

 dw-DSCN4952 (800x600)

Mommy had just sat down to post a fank you on Facebook and there was anuvver knock on da door. Mommy went to da door and there stood da UPS man again. Hims pawlogized and sed hims furgot a box and handed mommy anuvver box. Mommy kuldn’t magine what it kuld be, but she opened it up and stawrted cwyin’. Inside dat box was a case of da Folger’s canned coffee fur hers to dwink. She was so cited she made a cup wight then. Sumhow we fink weez got shortchanged. Mommy got to enjoy hers box wight away and we had to wait till dinner. MOL Dat’s okay, mommy weally needed dat coffee. Awnty Jennifer and gwand awnty Peggy, yous awe da bestest. Fank yous so very much. Yous made our week and beyond.

Check out what our awnty Sylvie made me.
Check out what our awnty Sylvie made me.

And as always we awe so blest to have each and everyone of you in our lives. We weally purreciate all yous luv and support and purrayers and weez sendin’ ‘em wight back to ya’. We hope yous stay tuned this mumff as we have sum pawsum fings comin’ up. Weez have a gweat give away comin’ yous way and more fun and stowries.

Lookit, awnty Sylvie made me one too.
Lookit, awnty Sylvie made me one too.

So we was wunnewin, ifin yous hooman goes wiffout their fix of choice (coffee, tea, soda, etc) how do they act? Do they get as cwazy as mommy?

So Till da next time…………………..Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi