Goin’ To The VET

Well da day is finally here. Meez goin’ to see da new VET. We hope their busyness means they’re good. Mommy asked ifin any of da VETs in da office was better wiff kitties than annuver, but all they sed was, “Both our vets see a lot of cats.” Well duh, but dat’s not what we asked. We never got an answer, but weez just not have much to choose fwum here, so mommy ‘cided we wuld give them a twy. They be one of da few VETs wound dat has a micwochip reader which wuld be a gweat way to test meez micwochip. Mommy did say dat since hers made da pointment meez black spot has gotten smaller. Course she dusn’t know ifin dat shuld worry hers more than afur. Mommy be such a worry wart. Anyways, any purrayers yous can spare fur me today wuld be pawsum. We don’t know what all they’re gunna do, but we hope not much, weez not have a money twee ya’ know. MOL

Nope, Me dusn't wanna go mommy. See ya'
Nope, Me dusn’t wanna go mommy. See ya’

Now how ‘bout sum of meez birffday pawrty talk? Since it be a special day we wanted to have a dwess up pawrty and we posed da question to yous all. It’s been decided. Weez gunna have a Gone Wiff da Wind kinda pawrty. So ladies get on yous ball gowns and gents get out yous suits and lets have a gweat time. Since meez Meowday be so close to halloween and on a Sunday, we ‘cided to fwo da pawrty on Monday November 2nd. Weez havin’ da facebook pawrty on Furiday November 6ff on sis Lexi’s page. So ifin yous wuld like to be included in meez pawrty post, send yous fotos to us by October 30, 2015 at: lexi.dezi@yahoo.com  Ifin yous need help foto shoppin’ then send us a clear foto of ya’ and meez handsum mancat Andy has sed he and hims mommy will help us get everypawdy all dwessed fur da ball. Me can’t hawrdly wait.

 dw-LexichairFSCN5048 (719x800)

Well meez signin’ off now to go to da VET. Purrlease keep me in yous purrayers. And as we do every weekend weez joinin’ Rascal and Rocco fur da Pet Parade Blog Hop.

Till da next time……………………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi

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