Blest Sunday

Meowllo Evewypawdy, hope yous havin’ a pawsum and Blest Sunday. Ifin yous been followin’ da updates on da fundraiser, yous know dat weez bypassed ow goal and Miss Linda shut it down at end of da day on da 1st. Now ifin yous member back when all this stawted weez told yous all dat we wuz gunna make a vewy special Fank yous posty eevew at da end of da fundraiser or when weez weached ow goal. Well, boff has happened and as purrawmissed weez wanna make a vewy special Fank you to you all. Now, dat bein’ sed, since there awe those of you hoo donated dat don’t nowmally follow ow blog weez decided to giv you all a heads up so dat hopefully we will be able to weach you all. We hav also asked Miss Linda fur da names and emails of all hoo gave openly. Altho’ we wuld luv to know hoo da anonymous donors wuz, we wespect yous purrivacy and Miss Linda won’t be givin’ us dat infurmation. So nex week on Blest Sunday, we will be postin’ ow vewy special fank you to yous all. Ifin you don’t nowmally follow us, or ifin yous know sumpawdy dat donated, (fur mommys new chair and ow mattwess and stairs), or hoo purrayed or hoo shawed da fundraiser or PayPal dat dusn’t follow us, purrlease tell them to read ow nex weeks Blest Sunday posty. Weez weally purreciate all of you and fanks fur helpin’ us. We also hope to be able to show you da pawsum stairs and mattwess yous bought us by then. And maybe even da fwidge.(MOL)  

Ooooops da camewa moved when me wuz takin' meez selfie. MOL
Ooooops da camewa moved when me wuz takin’ meez selfie. MOL  

So yous all finkin’ dat’s it weez got nuffin’ els to post ‘bout wight? Of course dat’s not all. And of course we hav lots mowe to post ‘bout. And fur those of you wunnewin’, NO, da fwidge is still not here. So yes, mommy will be makin’ calls nex week twyin’ to again, figgew out what be goin’ on and when it’s gunna be here. Me also got quite a foo mowe pawsum Meowday cawds so we fawt we wuld shwe then wiff you today.

Dat's me handsum mancat Andy. Isn't he pawsum!
Dat’s me handsum mancat Andy. Isn’t he pawsum!
And Lookit da bootyful cake he bwought me.
And Lookit da bootyful cake he bwought me. 

Me Weally wants to fank yous all fur comin’ by yesfurday and spendin’yous time wiff me on meez Meowday. Weez told you dat this wuz a weally special Meowday in da first place and sum of you wunnewed why. So we fawt weez wuld shawe dat wiff yous. See Shad, Devon, Lucky and Ransom all went to heaven eevew wight afur their 5ff Meowday, or shortly aftew it. Fur years it seemed dat mommy wuz cursed to lose her beloved fur babies sumtime in da 5ff year. When sis Lexi bypassed 5 and celebwated hers 6ff Meowday mommy wuz so ‘cited hers didn’t know what to do. And now each year weez tweat hers Meowday wiff such elation cuz weez awe fwilled dat hers bwoke dat curse. But mommy still duz get mowe purrtectiv wound da 5ff Meowday. But we luv her so weez tolerate it. Da blessing in all this is dat mommy has me and me has her. And meez pawty wuz pawsum.

Fank yous Sweetie and awnty Melisse.
Fank yous Sweetie and awnty Melisse. 

Meez nex posty is gunna be ‘bout da pawsum date Andy took me on. And wait’ll you see da gift hims got me. OMC  And today weez celebwatin’ November Meowdays and Gotcha days ovew at Cat Scouts. As most of you know meez Gotcha day is this mumff too cuz mommy litewally saved meez life.

Fank you Shoko and Kali (The Canadian Cats)
Fank you Shoko and Kali
(The Canadian Cats)

Now on to a little news. Me told yous dat da big box weez put nip in fur meez pawty wuz gunna be ow new pawdee box. Mommy finks da jumbo boxes we hav awe too small fur me and dat’s da weason me hadn’t fully weturned to usin’ them. So mommy got da new box all cleaned up and filled wiff litter. And to be on da safe side, mommy had also ordered sum of da BLue Buffalo bwand of cat litter. On da off chance me had decided me didn’t like da Swheatscoop anymowe. So in da new gigantor box is ow twaditional Swheatscoop cat litter. And in one of da old boxes, aftew bein’ cleaned, mommy put in da walnuts. Well dat’s what it is, wight? Cwushed walnuts?. So anyways, now we hav da gigantor box wiff Swheatscoop and we hav one of da jumbo boxes wiff da BLue Buffalo nut shell litter and da last jumbo box wiff da Swheatsoop. While mommy wuz fixin’ ow dinner guess hoo went to da pawdee box? Yep, ME. And me didn’t even holler fur her to come and watch me.

Fank you Mika and awnty Linda B.
Fank you Mika and awnty Linda B.

Now anypawdy wanna guess which of da 3 boxes me used? Well do ya’? Yep, me used da jumbo box wiff da Blue Buffalo Walnut shells. Altho’ mommy did see dat me had been walkin’ wound in da new gigantor box. At da end of da day mommy sed she dusn’t cawe what box me used so long as it wuz a box and not da floor. MOL And that hers didn’t hav to come back there and stand watch. Course da new neighbor isn’t nearly as scawy as da last ones and da floor not stink anymowe, so me shuld use da pawdee box, and now meez happy too. Weez’ll keep yous all updated on da litter and box saga as time goes on.

0dw Lexi Looks up

It turned pawfully cold here yesfurday. Course we scpected dat, cuz we weally only hav 2 seasons here. We call them…Hot and cold. And da hot always leaves da night of halloween. And suwe nuff, it wuz wound 85 degwees duwn’ da day, and then fureezin’ at night. There wuz furost on da caws and gwass/weeds when we got up yesfurday meownin’. So guess weez hav to say goodbye to summer. But again, da blessin’ is dat hopefully it will kill off all da bugs. Smile (Dat’s mommy’s wish)  Anyways we kinda covewed a lot of diffewent fings today, but weez do feel twuly blest to hav all of you in ow lives.

Till da nex time…………Be Blest!!!

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 

Dezi and Lexi      

66 thoughts on “Blest Sunday

  • Thanks for joining and supporting the Sunday Selfies blog hop. We think that photo is so adorable. We are so happy that the fundraiser met and exceeded the goal. Now you should be able to get all the things on your wish list. Hope that fridge shows up sometime soon. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

    Liked by 1 person

    • Fank yous. Weez furgot to link back again. Maybe one of these day weez’ll get it all wight in da same posty. MOL And weez awe vewy blest to hav met da goal, and so vewy gwateful as well. 🙂 Weez hope da fwidge awwives sumtime this year. MOL

      Luv ya’

      Dezi and Lexi


  • Oh we are so happy for the success of the fundraiser, that is fantastic! And Dezi, we can’t believe we missed your Birthday, we are so sorry to be late. Happy Birthday Dear Dezi! And many more…I’z got my jazz paws going for you bigtime and hope you had a wonderful day!

    Clooney & Neytiri

    Liked by 1 person

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