Newsy Tuesday

Meowllo evewypawdy, hope yous all havin a gweat week. It’s turned cold and wet here. Weally wet. It’s been rainin’ and rainin’ and rainin’. It’s looked like night time for days now. And well, datt means mommy’s not gettin’ wound vewy fast. Actually mowe like a snail to be exact. So weez twyin’ get in sum visits while also lettin’ mommy kinda rest. Ifin only meez paws wuz smaller me kuld visit yous all me selff. But alas bein’ a big girly means big paws, so me duz need mommy to type fur me. Or hey, maybe us cats kuld join tugedder and get da ‘puter peeps to make a keyboard just fur us cats. What’d’ya’ fink? Wuldn’t dat be cool? 

Dezi Rubiks Cube sleeping

Anyways we just wanted to make a little post today lettin’ you all know what be goin’ on. You know, sum news. As you all know sis Lexi and me write an awticle fur da Daily Mewsletter evewy mumff, and da latest awticle just went live. It’s gweat ifin weez don’t say so ourselves. Weez covered a lot of da hazards of da holidays and how to avoid them. So why don’t yous run on ovew and check it out. Ifin yous not alweady subscwibed, yous can wead da stowwy here, and also sign up to be notified when new awticles come out. Even tho’ it’s called da Daily Mewsletter, it only posts new 2 times a mumff so yous not hav to worry ‘bout lots of emails or bein’ bothered daily. And there weally is a little sumfin’ in it fur evewyone. There’s a foo contests goin’ on wight now yous might wanna check out too. Well, weez suwe hope yous enjoy ow awticle and find it enlightenin’.

dw LnD Daily Mewsletter

Weez also gunna be sponsowin’ ow vewy first evew event ovew at da Tabby Cat Club this Sunday November 9ff. But weez wanna offur da oppurrtunity to join in to all of you on your own blogs. As you know evewy Sunday we make a Blest Sunday posty, and list sum of ow many blessings. Well this Sunday Lexi and me be sponsowin’ Blest Sunday. Fur those of us in da U.S. at least this mumff be Fanksgivin’ and fur us here in meez house it be da mumff me wuz born and came to liv wiff mommy and sis Lexi; so weez kuldn’t fink of a better time to host such an event. Weez even cweated a little badge fur yous all to post ifin yous wuld like. We suwe do hope yous join us. We look furward to weadin’ all ‘bout yous blessings. And of course yous can all still purrticipate in da Sunday selfies just like always, we do. Now this be da first time weez evew dun anyfin’ like this, so weez not fur suwe what all weez posed to do, and quite furankly weez a little skeered nopawdy will join in, but we must take a leap of faith sumtimes. So we suwe hope to see you Sunday.  

Purrlease join us and post yous Blessings.

Till da nex time…………………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 

Dezi and Lexi

54 thoughts on “Newsy Tuesday

  • Yow Dezi me Mum used to have 30+ plantz befure she moved back to da hometown here…den she lost sum due to Affidz…but she still had over 20 plantz. Mingflower neber bothered wif dem. Me waz another storey; diggin n chewin n causin Mum to get uppyset…so she gave dem ALL away. Plus dere iz not alot of room n no window sillz to put plantz on n Mum haz to use her energee fer me 😉
    She sayz me iz her little ‘kittehgurl plant’…she shure iz weerd (butt cute!)
    Lub Nylablue 🙂

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  • Yer such buzy kittehz dere wiff all yer guud werkz n takin care of Mum!! WE admire ya both so much….
    Yer article waz furabuluss. When me came to live wif Mum me tried nommin summ of da plantz n diggin in da dirt so Mum called Miss stella n asked her iffin she wuud take all da plantz n she said she wuud. (Miss Stella had me half Sisfur Sasha)So dere are NO plantz in site! Clever Mum 🙂
    paw kissez Nylablue xxx

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    • Fank yous Nylablue. Sowwy yous hav no plants, they’re not all bad. Mommy sed hers nevew weally had a purrawlem wiff any kitties and plants, but hers also grows us ow own gwass. Weez just glad yous be safe.

      Luv ya’

      Dezi and Lexi


  • Hi Dezi and Lexi! We plan on being there at the TCC! We had sprinkles today, but the tempratures were mild. Supposed to get cold/mild/cold/mild so we don’t think those weather guessers really know what’s going on MOL! That is why us kitties just look out the windows every day to figure out what napping place to choose!

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  • Oh yes, a keyboard for cats would be awesome, someone should invent it for sure! We love your graphics and sounds like lots of wonderful things are happening, we will check them out. (PS: We use picmonkey usually but for the picture today we used fotor or pixlr and can’t remember which, but thanks so much for your wonderful compliments, we really appreciate it.)

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    • Meez gunna stawt workin’ on da plans fur dat keyboard Clonney just as soon as me figgers out how to hole a pencil. MOL Hope yous join us fur Blest Sunday. 🙂

      And fanks fur lettin’ us know.

      Luv ya’

      Dezi and Lexi


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