Blest Sunday: BlogPaws

Well a Blest Sunday to you all. And based on yous comments, nun of ya’ be tired of hearin’ ‘bout BlogPaws, so weez gunna tell ya’ more today. After all, attendin’ was a huge blessin’ fur us and weez still reapin’ da rewards of dat blessin’. We need to stawrt a week afur we left tho’ so you unnewstand it all. Sis Lexi hadn’t been duin’ very good at all. She wuldn’t eat again, at least food. She ate her teaspoon of ham baby food dat mommy mixed hers meds in, but she wuldn’t eat anyfin’ else in da house. And twust me mommy was twyin’. She was dwinkin’ a lot and a little lethargic. She had long since quit playin’ wiff da cat twee which mommy was weally sad ‘bout. See sissy had always luvved to jump and climb and be high up too. And of course mommy had wanted a twee fur years afur we got one cuz she knew sissy wuld just luv it, so it weally hurt mommy to see sissy not getting’ to enjoy da cat twees we had been given.


Weez at home watchin’ mommy pack.





We didn’t wanna tell you all how bad it ws cuz mommy didn’t wanna be judged and called bad fings. See sumtimes when we be in da spotlight peeps fink they have da right to tell us how we oughtta do fings and ifin weez not do what they fink is wight then they can be weally mean. And mommy felt bad enuff. But she just knew ifin she kuld get Lexi on this twip fings wuld turn wound fur her. Nopawdy knows us like our mommy, and mommy knows dat sissy luvs to twavel and stay in motels. (They used to twavel sum when sissy was yunger.) Mommy sez ifin she kuld afford it we wuld stay in a motel one weekend a mumff cuz it duz her so much good. Anyways, da day came fur us to leave. It was mommys birffday so we was hangin’ out wiff mommy watchin’ her pack up. Then it came time to load us up. Since we live so faw fwum everyfin’ mommy combines twips, so da only place we been goin’ lately (or so it seemed) was da VET. And we wanted no pawrt of dat. 


I didn’t wanna be in da stroller wiv Dezi and she didn’t want me there eeber. Yep weez purretty spoiled.





So when mommy stawted puttin’ us in da stwoller we stawrted actin’ out and hissin’. We didn’t wanna be anywhere near each udder. Usually we twavel weally well in da stwoller togedder, but not this time. So mommy had to get da udder carrier outta da closet. So we finally got loaded up and we was off. And altho’ weez not usually sing in da car, we was tellin’ mommy all ‘bout why we didn’t wanna go to da VET. Mommy kept tellin’ us we wasn’t but we wasn’t so sure we oughtta believe her. Course it’s a lot of twubble to holler constantly so we didn’t sing fur too long, and as we told ya’ yesfurday, we ran into funnerstowms and dat shut us up purretty quick. By da time we got to our furst stop we knew da VET wasn’t in line fur this twip but we wasn’t fur sure what was actually goin’ on. Ifin yous missed our car twip, click here, cuz now weez gunna go stwaight to our BlogPaws arrival.

 dw 1Dezi stroller

So da day we arrived, we got checked into our hotel room and got our bags put in da room and we went back downstairs to check in. Dat’s when we got this pawsum “swag bag” and mommy got a t-shirt. Lexi and me was checkin’ it all out fwum inside da stwoller. And we saw this giant doggy wiff pink and purrple fur. OMC da fings hoomans do to us. It ain’t wight, it just ain’t wight. Anyways, after getting’ this pawsum swag bag we ran into sum furiends and visited a few minutes afur adjoirnin’ to da exhibit hall/room.

 dw 2Dezi stroller

There were tables side by side all over dat big room. So many in fact dat mommy didn’t weally know where to stawt. And so she just stawted at da furst table she came too. Mommy was pushin’ us along and there were so many peeps everywhere there was barely any room fur us. Every once in a while sumpawdy wuld ask mommy ifin we was doggies and then look in and tell us how cute we was. Mommy opened da stwoller a few times so peeps kuld pet us, and pawently so da doggies kuld sniff and bawk at us. Fur da most pawrt most of da animals there were very well behaved, but there was a few dat weally needed to go back to school, and so did their hoomans.


Meez lookin’ out da slidin’ door in our room onto da balcony.





There was even a big enclosure wiff fake munny dat mommy got in. See mommy stepped in and they closed da door and turned on a fan. Mommy was posed to gather as much of dat paper munny as she kuld as fast as she kuld. OMC Yous shulda seen how cwazy mommy looked twyin’ to gwab paper mummy. Mommy wuld have fweaked out ifin sumpawdy had of taken a foto of her, so no…there’s no fotos. At da time da camera’s were still packed away anyways and needed rechawign’. Weez not have extwa batteries and weez use da cameras a lot so da batteries not hold a chawge fur very long anymore. Not complainin’ here, just statin’ why we don’t have fotos of everyfin’. Altho’ as me stated, there wasn’t gunna be any fotos of mommy lookin’ cwazy. MOL Mommy caught sumfin’ like almost $400.00, but she wasn’t even close to da highest catcher who was at $1000.00. To be honest, weez not even member what da purrize was. MOL


What’cha duin’ on da balcony wiffout me mommy?




Anyways after dat bit of fun, we went on to da next table and da next. And dat’s where we ran into da Tiki Cat and Weruva peeps. They make foods dat be low in phosphorous and good fur sissy to eat wiff hers kidney purroblem. They gave us sum sample packets and talked wiff mommy fur a while and finally it was time fur da exhibitors to shut down. At da end of da evenin’ mommy took us up to da room and got us unpacked and settled in. And then mommy got out one of those packets of noms and offered it to Lexi. She came flyin’ off da bed and stawrted chowin’ down like she was stawrvin’. She finished off one packet and asked fur anudder which mommy was glad to give her. Just as mommy suspected, da twip was stawrtin’ to pep sis Lexi up. Later…well me just wealized how long this posty alweady is, so me will tell ya’ more later. We awe so extremely blest to have such pawsum furiends here in da world of da innewnet. Take a few moments to count yous blessings today and everyday. When you stawt yous day wiff gwatitude it’s just better all da way wound. 

dw Lexi balcony door

Okay letz go back in and habz anudder one of those wunnerful food packages mommy.




Till da next time…………………………………Be BLest!!!


Lvu and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  


Dezi and Lexi