Boar, Bacon, All The Same?

Oh meow weez got a gweat tweat to tell you ‘bout today. Chewy asked us to review sum fureeze dwied tweats fwum Orijen this mumff and we got ‘cited. Weez twied a few udder purrodcuts fwum Orijen and fur da most pawrt weez liked ‘em. And as most of you know we luv fureeze dwied tweats. They’re purawlly one of our favowits. But what flavor wuld we be twyin’ this time we wunnewed? Mommy wusn’t tellin’ so when da box awwived we was all over it.


Youz mean I’z wuz awl oweber it doen’cha’ Dezi?.


It's a Chewy box. I'z wunner whatz in it?
It’s a Chewy box. I’z wunner whatz in it?

Well yes, Lexi you was da one all over it, but me was close by. Me was just as ‘cited as you to find out what was in it. So mommy opened it up and…Orijen Wild Boar Treats? OMC Dat be what bacon’s made of, wight sissy?


Well sort ov Dezi. I’z gezz itz kloze enuff.


Well there was no waitin’, we wanted a taste wight then. So mommy opened da bag and pulled out a kupple tweats each and offered ‘em to us. What do yous fink sissy? Awe they good?




Sissy? stop eatin’ fur a minute and tell everypawdy what you fink ‘bout these tweats.


I’z like ‘em a lot Dezi. 4 paws up heer.


Fanks sis.. (Chewing) They be very good. Sowry to talk wiff meez mouff full, but these awe weally, weally good. Fur those of you kitties dat awen’t lucky enuff to get dat bacon or even fur those dat do, these wuld be a purrfect substitute. Me gives ’em 4 paws up too.


Now what’s mommy gunna say ‘bout ‘em me wunners? Well to find dat out weez need to find out a bit more ‘bout ‘em. They be 100% single animal source Alberta wild boar. All dat’s in ‘em is wild boar and wild boar liver. They be low calorie and carbohydrate free. And da pieces awe a nice size fur a cats smaller mouff. Altho’ me duz like an even smaller bite, so mommy halved them fur me and sez they was very soft and easily split wiffout crumblin’ all to pieces. Me sez since they be soft in texture they be easy fur older kitties who may not have as many teefies left. And they wuld be easy enuff to cwumble over a meal fur a little entiemnet. And altho’ they do make these tweats fur doggies too, since there be nuffin’ in ‘em but da meat, yous can share wiff yous doggie bwofurs and sisfurs. Orijen gets all it’s ingwedients locally in Canada and then purrpares ‘em wight there too. They don’t outsource. Dat means they make all their purroducts themselves stead of sendin’ it to anudder manufacturer to purrpare, and they don’t make any foods fur any udder companies. Now yous wanna know what mommy sez ‘bout ‘em don’t ya’?


Kitty bite size pieces
Kitty bite size pieces

Well honey I’m thrilled that both you and your sister like them. they are for sure good for you and sine I can read the ingredient list I really like that. And even though the bag is 1.25 ounces it’s packed full and at $6.99 it’s a great value for such a high quality food. So even I give them 2 thumbs up.


So there ya have it, 8 paws total fwum sissy and me and 2 fumms fwum mommy make this a winnin’ tweat at our house. Now get on over to Chewy and get yous bag wight now. And while yous there check out all da udder wunnewful fings chewy has to offer. They have flat rate s/h of $4.95 everyday and furee fur orders over $49.00. They ship Fedex ground so you have yous order in no time and you can even schedule yous favowits to ship out wegularly. But don’t worry yous can change, speed up or slow down yous autoship anytime. And their customer service is top notch. Fanks Chewy and Orijen fur anudder pawtastic purroduct. And don’t furget, today be da last day to enter our pawsum give away. Ifin yous not entered yet, click here and leave a comment lettin’ us know yous wanna enter. Now meez gunna go get sum luvvin’ and have sum more of dat boar. 🙂


Till da next time……………..Be Blest!!!



Dezi = Blue

Lexi = Green

Mommy = Black



Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


Dezi and Lexi


Disclaimer: We received a bag of Orijen Wild Boar cat tweats fur furee in weturn fur our honest and unbiased opinion. As always our opinions awe not fur sale and we weceived no gween papers fur this review. Chewy nor Orijen awe wesponsible fur da content in this posty.