What A Time…

Meowllo everypawdy how have yous all been? It seems like furever since weez chatted last. But let me tell ya’, what a time dat has been. Weez not know how sum of ya’ keep up wiff all dat was goin’ on and still makin’ postys and visitin’, cuz we just didn’t have time. And by da time mommy got in fur da night, she was so exhausted there’s no way she kuld help us on da puter. Da posty we did make took hours cuz she kept fallin’ asleep at da desk. (yes, da wifi was indeed furee duwin’ da conference.) OMC da swag and da furiends and da twip and da room and…well it’s gunna take us a while to tell ya’ everyfin’, so weez’ll do this a little at a time. Oh and da dwive? Yep weez’ll be tellin’ ya’ all ‘bout dat too, just not today. Today weez gunna talk ‘bout BlogPaws itsselff okay?.

dw swag3
Just lookit da swag. And dat’s not all.


Lexi: Oh sissy weez doo habz lotz too tell eberpawdy doent we? Several ov ya’ had wunnerd ibin mommy taykin’ me on such a long trip wuz a good idea. And mommy kep tellin’ ya’ dat I’z lubbed too travel weez jiz doent git too doo it a lot cuz ov da green payperz. But weez hoep abter seein’ me in akshun and reedin’ ‘bout our adbenshurs, youz’ll unnerstand why mommy didunt fink twice ‘bout taykin’ me too BlogPaws 2015. It wuz az da hoomanz say, jiz what da doctor ordered.    


Back home I’z crawlin’ all owe-ber da cat tree.





Ifin you can’t see da video, purrlease paw here. At our tween  motel cuz mommy kuldunt catch me at #BlogPaws. Mommy sez this be why we keep da potty seat down.

Dezi: Yes sissy it was zactly what you needed wasn’t it? And yous had to show off too, didn’t ya’? You all know we be service cats, not celebricats. Altho’ weez wanna be celebracats sumday, weez not quite there yet. So anyways, weez not used to “entertaining guests”. So me didn’t come wound when we had visitors to our room. Me was all ‘bout da showin’ off when me was downstairs tho’. And yous’ll get to see sum of those fotos too. Oh Brian and furmily we can’t fank you enuff fur sponsorin’ us so we kuld go to BlogPaws Nashville. And of course weez got bit by da BP bug and wanna go next year too. It’s gunna be in Phoenix Arizona in June. We hope to be further along wiff our bloggy by then, and maybe even have a sponsor. WooHoo, wuldn’t dat be sumfin’?




Meez favowit ghetto kitten plush Cathy Keisha.





And all of ya’ dat gave us gween papers fur da twip, fank you so much. And a meowsy big fank you to Ms. Tonya fur puttin’ us up in a motel afur leavin’ and comin’ home. When we tell ya’ ‘bout da twip yous’ll get why weez so gwateful. And we got to meet awnty Mary who lives in Nashville and hers bwought mommy sum Cokes. See we wuz in da middle of Pepsi kuntwy, and mommy purrfurs Coke. Not to mention those nasty Pepsi’s was spensive. OMC So a meowsy big fank ya’ awnty Mary. And we did an interview. Oh what fun. They didn’t know a lot ‘bout cat behavior, but it was still lots of fun.


Mommy weally enjoyed da classes, and all da visitinn’ and meetin’ of furiends. Oh and fanks fur da goodies Wally, Ernie and Zoey. Wow it wasn’t just a business cawd they gave mommy but also a little sumfin’ sumfin’ fur us too. And yes, mommy passed out our business cawds too. And she networked wiff sum of da bwands and we can’t wait to work wiff ‘em. This is gunna be so much fun. We took turns goin’ down wiff mommy to events and such, and cuz there was so many peeps there and mommy hung out wiff a few of them purretty regular, she left us in da room to rest sumtimes too.  


Lexi: She shur did Dezi and it wuznunt fair. I’z relly wandid too go too da kloezin’ dinner. I’z jiz didunt wanna go in da strowller. I’z wandid too go down on minez leash. But mommy kep sayin’ sumpin’ ‘bout da doggiez and how ibin they wuz too lunge at me like they had erleer I’z woodunt habz any purrtekshun and kuldunt git away frum ‘em. So I’z hung out in da room wiv you and da swag. Owe da swag… (looks off dreamily) By da way, I’z ate sooooooo good on diz trip dat mommy awlmowzt kuldunt bulleeb it. Weez’ll be tellinn’ ya’ awl ‘bout dat when we tayk a look at sum ov da swag on itz own. 


dw swag4
Sum ov minez favoritz at da end ov da bed.

Dezi: Yep yous made a little piggy of yousselff sissy. But it was so good to see yous eatin’ so well. Now just keep it up. And a weally big meowsy fank you to Mars and all da wunnewful sponsors and bwands dat made BlogPaws 2015 pawssible. And lots of fanks to all those who gave us samples and those who weally helped out wiff sis Lexi’s eatin’. She found a food dat she weally liked and they gave us lots of extwa. Weez be twuly blest. Fanks to all da speakers and teachers who put on classes. We learned bunches and bunches. And fanks to all our furiends fur bein’ so nice to mommy and us. Major ConCats to all those dat won awards and give aways. Weez’ll be livin’ off this high fur sum time to come. Hope yous enjoy seein’ da fotos today, and have a gweat day. Weez joinin’ da BlogPaws 2015 Blog Hop.


Move yous hand mommy, da paparazzi wants to take meez foto.






Till da next time……………………………………..Be Blest!!!



Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  

Dezi and Lexi