Whose A SmartCat? Give Away

Oh sissy awen’t you ‘cited today?

 dw Dezi selfie

Shur Dezi, I had a grayt brekky and treetz arr shur yoo beez on da ajenda. Whatz not too beez sided ‘bout.


No sissy, me means ‘bout da Give Away weez havin’. Oh, datz what youz beez tawkin’ ‘bout.


Yep, I’z sided ‘bout dat too. I’z rellee happee dat peepz arr awlwayz wunderin’ ‘bout what beez beztezt fur us kitteez. It meenz weez git too try nu fingz dat weez mite not git too try udderwize. Soz who’z gunna tell ebberpawdy ‘bout it?

 dw Lexi profile face on1

Me of course. Me might need a little help, but wait till me asks, okay?. (Lexi nods and starts a bath) Well kitty peeps awe always lookin’ fur da best food and carriers and tweats and toys and…well you get da picture, wight?. Seems da biggest debate among hoomans is our pawdee boxes and what to put in ‘em. Shuld it be clumpin’ or not, and just what shuld it smell like? Wild flowers or spwing bweeze, or sum udder furesh scent. And shuld it be pelleted or sandy, scoopable or not. Da choices awe weally endless. Well come weal close and lissen up, cuz meez gunna tell ya’ what yous kitties have been talkin’ ‘bout and wishin’ fur. Da bestest litter in da whole wide world be da one yous kitty weally likes and will use. After all da pawdee box be fur him/her to do their business, not you. And all those purretty scents you luv…We DON’T!!! We have noses dat can pick up a scent fwum miles away and come on, do yous wanna sit on da hooman pawdee box sneezin’ da whole time?


Youz tell ‘em Dezi.

dw Smartcat4112

Fanks sissy. Weally da bestest litter is unscented in a texture dat isn’t too wuff on our paws and dat we can do our business in and get on wiff our busy lives of nappin’. So dat bein’ sed, seems there’s a new litter in town and all da peeps be askkin’ ‘bout it. Just what is it? How duz it work? Duz it work? Duz it have dust? Duz it twack? What is it you ask? Well it’s Pioneer Pet’s new litter called SmartCat All Natural Clumping Litter. It’s made of…wait fur it…GRASS. Yep you read dat wight, me sed grass. And it claims to out clump clay every time. It’s chemical free, clay free and fragrance free, 99% dust free, biodegwadable and wenewable and light weight. Well those fings there oughtta make yous peeps happy. But, duz it work and awe those claims twu or just more hogwash?.


Da folks at Pioneer Pet was gwacious enuff to send us a 20 pound bag to twy out. Mommy was a little worried cuz bein’ made of gwass and all she kinda fawt it was gunna be gween of sumfin’. And as much as we like to eat our cat gwass, she wunnewed ifin we might twy to eat da litter. (not weally but me kuldn’t wesist) Never fear mommy dear, weez smawter than that. MOL When monmmy picked up da bag she sed she wuldn’t weally call it light weight, but it kuld be considered such as 20 pounds felt more like 10. And since mommy has difficulty wiff heavy fings then weally it is lighter weight than most. So when she opened da bag, she was purrleasantly surpwised to see a golden litter dat looked a lot like what we were alweady usin’. She was happy to not be overwhelmed by purrfumes, and so were we. Now fur da furst test. Mommy began to pour da litter fwum da bag into da box…NO dust. They get a check mawk there too. Now she just sat back and waited fur us to twy it out to evaluate da west of their claims.


Of course, she didn’t have to wait too long. You know us kitties, a clean box be callin’ our name. MOL And well you all know me. Me began to holler to make mommy aware dat she needed to clean up. So mommy got da scooper and scoop she did. OMC What a clump. it was hawd as a cement rock. So mommy bwoke it up a bit ad flushed it down da hooman pawdee box. No purrawlems there eever. We had to wait a few hours to check it’’s clumpin’ abilities wiff sis Lexi, but it clumped just as well fur her. Mommy sez she weally liked how well it clumped cuz nuffin wet bwoke off and fell back into da clean litter. Mommy also sez there was absolutely no smell. Altho’ da weal smell test comes in later wiff da…well yous know. And Pioneer Pet’s SmartCat gets 8 paws and 2 fumms up there too. We was all so impurressed dat it be all weez took to BlogPaws. And even one of our visitors liked it well enuff to give it a twy. Our weebly wobbly furiend Sophie had to avail hers selff of da facilities while visitin’, and so weez gunna say anudder 4 paws up there.


Old litter on da left, SmartCat on da wight.








As a lot of you know we be purretty big kitties so there’s only one fing we found purroblematic. Me duz seem to “sink” a bit cuz it be so lightweight. Sissy has lost a lot of weight and mommy didn’t notice it happenin’ wiff her, so ifin yous kitty be 15 pounds or less, you shuld be fine. Fur me a little mixin’ and all’s good again. As wiff most of da natural clumpin’ litters Pioneer Pet wecommends keeping 3” – 4” of SmartCat in da box fur optimum purrfurmance. And a 20 pound bag filled da extwa lawge pawdee box and we had a little more than a 1/3 of a bag left. Me wuld like to tell ya’ a bit ‘bout Pioneer Pet. It was founded by Betsy Lipscomb, a cat behaviorist. She also stawrted Catsinternational.org, a non-purrofit organization whose mission is to help peeps better unnewstand their feline companions. The mission of Pioneer Pets is to make purroducts to impurrove da quality of life fur hoomans and us kitties.


Now fur da big news. Pioneer Pet has agweed to give one lucky U.S. reader a 20 pound bag of SmartCat litter. Just leave a comment on this blog posty by Tuesday June 23, 2015 tellin’ us yous wanna enter to win. And you can say more too ya’ know. Weez’ll be usin’ da randomizer to choose a winner fwum all da entwies. And ifin yous just can’t wait, you can order yous own bag wiff a flat rate shippin’ now by pawin’ here. And check out their Facebook page too. So to wecap, It duz out clump clay, it weally weally is 99% dust furee. it contains odors wiffout smelly purrfumes, it’s all natural grass, so it’s good fur da planet too. All paws and fumms up here fur Pioneer Pet’s SmartCat cat litter. Sissy you wanna add anyfin?


Nope Dezi youz sed it all. But weez do wanna wish a…


Happy Father’s day to all da dads out there and all da mommys who be purrlayin’ daddys too. (like our mommy)

Disclaimer: Weez didn’t weceive any gween papers fur this weview. We did weceive a bag of litter fur furee. Our opinions awe our own and not fur sale. Pioneer Pet is not wesponsible fur da content of this posty.



Till da next time…………………. Be blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


Dezi and Lexi