We Have A Plan

OMC weez sure had da stowrms yesfurday didn’t we mommy?

 dw Dezi1477

Yes we did dear. Oklahoma is really getting’ hit. One of the VET offices in the town we go to for you and sissy flooded and had to evacuate all the animals that were there over the weekend.

Oh mommy, me sure hopes they was all okay.


I’z doo too Dezi. Dat wood beez pawfool bein’ sick and locked in a kayj and seein’ da water getting’ klozer and klozer and not bein’ aybull too git away. We arr soz blezt.

dw Lexi lap1353 

Yes, Lexi we are. And yes Dezi, they are all okay.

Mommy meez noticed weez have quite a few new readers to meez bloggy lately.


Yes Dezi we have. I’m glad you noticed.


Oh me did and me wants to fank and welcome you all to Deziz World, da blog ‘bout a couple twained Service cats and their disabled hooman mommy. But me was finkin’ dat maybe we should tell sum more stories ‘bout our twainin’ and da diffewence in a Service animal, Therapy animal and Companion animal. You know it can weally be confusin’ fur peeps dat don’t weally know, or don’t have a need fur one themselves. And sumtimes udder peeps in social media mistakenly make misleadin’ statements.

 0dw Dezi cat tree4

Yes Dezi, you’re absolutely right. I think that’s a wonderful idea. You know mommy has a lot of things to do before this month is over, so what do you think about running a series next month?


Me finks dat’s a pawsum idea mommy. Me knows yous have a busy week this week twyin’ to get our lease wenewal stuffs togedder and takin’ sissy back to da VET so next mumff wuld be pawtastic. Sissy, what do yous fink?


I’z fink datz a grayt plan Dezi. Arr youz gunna let me tell a few stowreez?

dw Lexi4062 

Of course me will sissy. Youz a gweat stowry teller. And me finks weez oughtta dictate to mommy and let hers type it in hooman speak so dat everypawdy can unnerstand and there’ll be no misunnewstandin’ what we be sayin’. Do yous fink dat be a good idea mommy?


I do sweetheart. So we’ll just plan a nice series of posts all about he different types of helpful animals and tell a few of y’all’s training stories.


Fanks mommy. So everypawdy mawrk yous calendars and be sure to check in wiff us everyday cuz yous not wanna miss this pawsum series. Weally yous not wanna miss a posty. Weez luv all our furiends visitin’ and leavin’ us comments. And we hope yous all checked out our pawsum give away. You can still enter by clickin’ here and leavin’ a comment tellin’ us dat yous wuld like to win. And while yous be there, go ahead and hit dat “follow me” button on meez sidebar so yous not miss a posty.

 dw D L Love - 2HEoW-1e6 - normal


Till da next time……………….Be Blest!!!


Dezi = Blue

Lexi = Green

Mommy = Black


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 


Dezi and Lexi