Through The Eyes of a Stranger

Me wanted to share sumfin’ special wiff yous all today. We have a facebook awnty who is also a poet. Afur we met her online she was just anudder stwanger to us. But like so many of our pawsum innewnet furiends, today she is pawrt of our furmily. She lives “over da pond”. Fur those of ya’ dat not have a clue what we mean, she lives in Europe. She’s originally fwum Afwica. And she’s not had a easy life. She be an Agoraphobic. Now yous all askin’ yous selff what dat means awen’t ya’? She’s fwaid to go outside and be in da public. She be getting’ help now wiff hers fears and all, and weez purray fur hers daily, but she writes as a method of coping and expwessin’ hers emotions.


Well she sent us her book last year and mommy wuld read us a poem or two every night. Then a while back she decided to write anudder poetwy book and she included a poem fwum/about Lexi and me dat she wrote fur mommy. Sumhow pawently sum peeps kuld get access to it via a web linky, but not us. We don’t know ifin it didn’t work or ifin mommy was just too tech challenged to unnewstand how it worked. Anyways, she sent us da new book. We got it wight afur BlogPaws so we hadn’t had a chance to look at it till this week. Mommy sez it was so stwange to see our names written in a book. But this won’t be da last time, cuz mommy be workin’ on our very own book. We awe honored she wrote a poem fur us. So today me wants to share it wiff you all. And we wanna say Fank you awnty Petal, yous just pawsum.

 dw Lexi wheelchair cu3-


Lexi and Dezi


Two service cats are we

Called Lexi and Deztinee

We did our very best

We passed the hard test

Things that we can do

Will surely amaze you

Dezi immediately detects

Low sugar and other effects

When she dances on her toes

Then Mummy surely knows

That down she really must sit

For kitty’s certain she’s not fit

Mummy is never to be left alone

And if she can’t reach the phone

We know how to answer the call

It’s not a problem for us at all

We’re able to bring her the chair

Driving it with extreme care

By holding on to the joystick

The chair moves nippity quick

In the case of dire emergency

911 is dialed by my sister, Dezi

Mummy always makes a fuss

Cuddles and belly rubs over us

Each one of us a rescued cat

We can never fully repay that

But Dezi and I will always try

Never to let our mummy cry

Because she is the best mummy

there could ever, ever, ever be

This comes with all our love

From Dezi and Lexi (that’s me)

©Petal Knee


This book is a compilation of poems she wrote fur furiends and furries of Facebook. Now awnty Petal gave us (well mommy) da wights to our poem, but weez want her to have da cwedit fur writin’ it, so we have put hers name there. Ifin you wuld like to purchase yous own copy you can do so on amazon,, Barnes and Noble or check wiff yous local book store. It’s called ©Soulful Beings.

 dw DnL cat tree50sm

Well we hope yous enjoyed readin’ ‘bout how one of our facebook awnties sees us. We fink she did a gweat job pointing out all we do fur mommy in a short one page poem. Specially since we be so long winded. MOL So weez hope yous enjoy yous Furiday. And OMC me almost furgot. Weez joinin’ wiff Rascal and Rocco fur da Pet Pawade.

Do you have innernet furiends dat have become like furmily?


Till da next time…………………………….Be Blest!!!

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 

Dezi and Lexi