Size Doesn’t Matter

Well it’s Box day here in da blogosphere, and what’s better than dat yous ask? Comin’ home fwum da VET to find 3 bwand new big ole boxes waitin’ fur us. Yep dat’s wight, we came home to a whole new supply of boxes. Weez’ll be tellin’ ya’ ‘bout da contents in anudder posty. More on da VET visit this time. We be wequired to purrvide purroof of our vaccinations each year when we wenew our lease. And well, weez be in da purrocess of duin’ dat wight now. Mommy hates vaccinatin’ every year but we live in a state dat wequires da Rabies vaccination every year. (much to mommys chagwin). Anyways, wiff sis Lexi havin’ CKD and all, mommy sed there was no way hers was givin’ hers any shots. We found out we can get a waiver, so mommy purrinted da form fur da VET to fill out. Course you have to member, we have one of those VETs dat finks he needs to vaccinate fur everyfin’ all da time.


When we got there, dogs was everywhere. Da place was hoppin’ busy, so we had to wait our turn. Dat pointment just went out da window. Finally our turn came and we went back to da room and mommy stawted talkin’ to him ‘bout da weasons not to give sissy da rabies shot, and hims disagweed wiff her every step of da way, even when she sed da vaccs themselves clearly state to only give to healthy animals. Course weez offen wunnered just how he knows ifin weez healffy or not cuz hims dusn’t do any kind of exam afur stickin’ us. Can ya’ tell mommy’s ‘bout fed up? Mommy purrsented him wiff da papers application fur a waiver she had purrinted and hims sed he wuldn’t sign it fur nuffin’. Da only way hims wuld agwee to give sissy a waiver is to have a Titer test ran. Now fur those of ya’ dat not know what a Titer test is me will tell ya’. It’s a very spensiv blood test dat measures antibodies to da rabies virus. It can also measure udder fings, but all we need is Rabies.

You can't see me? Ssssh meez hidin' fwum sissy.
You can’t see me? Ssssh meez hidin’ fwum sissy.

Well, mommy didn’t have nuff munny fur it, so we got me a rabies shot and made a pointment next week fur sis Lexi to have dat Titer test. Da test itselff costs $80.00 and then there’s da office visit chawge of $30.00 and da chawge fur drawin’ da blood (we furget how much dat was). Dat’s more than we be allowed to chawge, so weez not know zactly what weez gunna do. Ifin yous can help, weez sure wuld purreciate it. Sissy be duin’ so good wight now, mommy just can’t fall in and give her dat shot. We know dat sum of ya’ may not agwee wiff us, but studies have purroven dat those vaccs last much longer than a year. Even our VET agweed wiff mommy on dat one. Hims a stwange apple dat one. Contwadicts himselff all da time. Anyways, dat’s how our VET twip went. We did make it wiffout getting’ caught in any stowrms tho’, so dat was a blessin’ fur sure. Altho’ we fink we must need sum fweon fur da a/c cuz it was hot, hot. Me even got meez hawness all wet fwum da “sweat” (drool fwum pantin’).

Hmmmmm Wherez dat Dezi at?
Hmmmmm Wherez dat Dezi at?

Well on wiff da boxes. Hope yous havin’ fun in yous box today and evewyday. Weez also be joinin’ Rascal and Rocco fur da weekly Pet Pawade Blog hop, and postin’ at da Tabby Cat Club. Oh and mommy wore sum of hers new clothes on our VET twip and sed they was pawsum comfy. Fanks again awnty Jennifer and gwand awnty Peggy. Mommy’s not so good at selfies and didn’t have on hers makeup anyways, so hers face was never gunna make a foto. MOL And don’t furget to chack back this weekend fur a pawsum give away.

OMC Whatever kuld be in diz big ole box?
OMC Whatever kuld be in diz big ole box?

Till da next time……………….Be Blest!!!


I'z see you Dezi. hehehe
I’z see you Dezi. hehehe

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi