Blest Sunday

Meowllo everypawdy!!! It’s Blest Sunday, our favowit posty. And OMC awe we ever blest. We have a lot of good fings comin’ up fur da bloggy and fur all of you. We can’t tell ya’ yet, so be lookin’. We stawrted out yesfurday wiff da bootyful sunshine and a little wind. Typical wedder of this time of year. Afur da day was over, da skies turned black and opened up and we had funner and lightnin’ and rain. Yep, more rain, we had a lot of it. Da stowrm kept knockin’ us off da puter. But it did let up long enuff fur me to head over to Cat Scouts fur da purrmotion ceremonies. We had a lot of gweat kitties get purrmoted. Me was so purroud of all meez fellow scouts and furiends. And then meez name was called. Me was purrmoted to da rank of LION. Wow can you believe it? Little ole me is a Lion. WooHoo Course dat means a lot more wesponsibility on meez shoulders. Me has to be a good example to da kit scouts and all da udder scouts as well. But me finks meez up to da task.


See us scouts look out fur one anudder and help each udder when we can, in any way we can. Sumtimes all me can do to help is to cheer anudder scout on. But sumtimes dat’s all they need. Weez have a lot of activities at Cat Scouts to help us rise in rank. And we have sum activities dat allow us to help udders who be less furtunate than us. We have a service purroject where we send cawds to peeps dat be in nursin’ homes and da like. Meez only been able to do dat once so faw, but me hopes to do it more in da future. We also have a lot of fun. We celebwate Meowdays every mumff wiff a pawrty, we take twips to faw away places, and we have adventures galore. So what awe you waitin’ on, you know you wanna join. Paw wight here to be twansported to da Cat Scouts site and get yous selff signed up. Today be flag day, so weez all celebwatin’ wiff pawsum fotos. And me bets there’ll be sum gweat noms wound da campfire. Me hasn’t had a chance to get meez new badge put on meez unifurm yet, but me can’t wait.


And we awe so blest to have bwought back all those wunnewful Weruva noms fwum BlogPaws. We haven’t opened a can or pouch yet dat sissy hasn’t luvved. And quite furankly mommy luvs ‘em too. They be good fur Lexi and just outwight good. Da food inside da cans and packets looks just like stuff she wuld put on hers plate. Weez hopin’ to work out a little sumpin’ sumpin’ wiff ‘em fur all of you too. Weez keepin’ our paws cwossed on dat one.

 dw Lexi flag2

Anyways, weez also showin’ off sum selfies today and joinin’ up wiff or furiends over at The Cat On My Head. fur their Sunday Selfie blog hop. So weez cuttin’ in short today so we can go enjoy sum of our blessings. Member, you awe blest and we luv each and every one of you and awe so gwateful yous in our lives.

 Dezi American Flag! - 2HEoW-1fs - normal

Till da next time………………..Be Blest!!!



Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 

Dezi and Lexi