On The Road

Meowllo everypawdy hope yous all plannin’ a pawsum weekend. Weez still restin’ up here. MOL But we purromised to tell you all ‘bout da dwivin’ pawrt of our twip to BlogPaws so dat’s zactly what weez gunna do. And weez also gunna join up wiff Rascal and Rocco fur da Pet Pawade Blog Hop. So anyways, as you all know we was meetin’ up wiff our fellow Oklahoma bloggers fwum Angel Prancer Pie and goin’ on to Nashville wiff them. They live bout a 4 hour dwive fwum us and wanted to leave early Fursday meownin’. So Ms. Tonya was pawsum enuff to put us up in a local motel Wednesday night so we wuld all be there and weady to leave furst fing Fursday meownin’.


We wasn’t in any rush to get off Wednesday, but since it was mommys birffday she had planned on us leavin’ wound 1 dat day so weez kuld get there and get a good nights sleep. And she wanted to pick up a bite to eat to celebwate. But as usual, we was late getting’ off. And when mommy twied to load us up neevew of us wanted any pawrt of dat. Sis Lexi gave mommy da “I’z not wanna go to da VET” hiss, and me followed suit. But mommy didn’t pay any attention to eevew of us and loaded us up anyways. And then furty miles fwum home we found closed roads and detours. You all member da floodin’ we got duwin’ da mumff of May wight? Well our stweet had been closed most of da mumff, and now so was da innewstate. So we had to detour almost immediately. And zactly what mommy didn’t want to happen, is what happened. Pig trails here we come. Finally 3 hours later we was half way to our destination and da rains fell. And they fell so stwong dat mommy kuldn’t even see out da fwunt window. Fankfully since mommy didn’t know what we might run into she had made us stay in da stwoller so we wasn’t out runnin’ wound da car. Well we finally awwived at our destination and Ms. Tonya gave us diwections so we kuld get into our room and settled fur da night. All in and mommy wealized she didn’t have anyfin’ to dwink, so she was leavin’ out to find a store and…there was Ms. Tonya. They hugged and squealed and exchanged “good to finally meet ya’s,” and they visited a bit and then we were all callin’ it a night. 


Bwight and early da next meownin’ mommy packed us up again so we kuld head out to Nashville. We all got loaded up and our car went to Ms. Tonya’s and we was off.  Guess we shulda figgered out by then we wasn’t goin’ to da VET, but weez just kuldn’t be sure so we was still givin’ mommy da “don’t wanna go” hiss. When we finally hit da highway mommy opened da stwoller so we kuld get out and use da pawdee box and get a dwink or snack ifin we wanted. By this time we was actin’ like childwen mommy sez and when me wuld touch Lexi or she wuld touch me we hissed to let mommy know dat da udder was “touchin’” us. MOL And yes, da pawdee box wus in da floor board and mommy had a syringe and bottle of water fur dwinks and sum snacks in hers purrse. Mommy sez she can’t make dat long of a twip wiffout needin all of those fings so she dusn’t spect us to eevew. We wasn’t too faw down da highway when me had to use da pawdee box and stink da car up. So we just pulled over and mommy scooped out da offendin’ “deed” and fwu it out. We was off again. Udder than a few hisses back and forff we didn’t have much to say duwin’ da twip. But mommy and Ms. Tonya and Ms. Samantha had purrlenty to talk ‘bout. They chatted most of da way. And nopawdy had to stop, get out and wait on us fur pawdee box bweaks, we just went when we needed too and mommy helped lift us back out. 



Me did a lot of out da window watchin’ on da twip there, and sissy did a lot of nappin’. On da way home weez left early again, only this time sis Lexi did a lot of out da window watchin’ and me did da nappin’. Mommy kept noddin’ off on da way home like me. But when da hoomans stawrted talkin’ ‘bout getting’ closer to home sissy had to pipe in every once in a while and give ‘em hers 2 cents worff. Again, Ms. Tonya was so kind and let us stay da night so we kuld get up da next day and get on da road all rested up. And fank catness she did, cuz it had stowmed da whole time we was gone and there was even more roads closed comin’ back.

I’z got to uze da pawdee box, ‘skuze me.

OMC we got ‘bout an hour and a half fwum home and pawently da lake had flooded anudder major highway. We was detoured to Texas, da state, not a town. We almost dwopped in fur a visit awnty Ann. MOL Anyways, we got down to da furst town and wealized they was gunna detour us all da way to Dallas, so we turned wound and came back up to Oklahoma. Least these pig trails awe ones we know. MOL On da way down one of da little two lane weally one lane pig twails we saw tons of peeps pulled off da side of da road wiff their fishin’ poles. No, these places awe not fishin’ holes. And till May they were all dwy as a desert. But da rains had filled in every empty space wiff little ponds and lakes and batches of water; and pawently fish. Rednecks, give us a flood and we go fishin’. Anyways, weez finally got ‘bout 30 minutes fwum home and we kuld feel mommys ‘citement and weez stawrted singin’ da hallelujah chorus. When we finally got home we all so exhausted mommy barely got da car unloaded and showered and we all cwashed.  We were so glad to be home. But you know what? We also wished dat BlogPaws had lasted even longer. Ifin we hadn’t had so much fun we wuldn’t have been so tired. It was cwazy busy, goin’, goin’, goin’, but we luvved every minute of it. And since bein’ back, sis Lexi has been actin’ like a kitten again. Weez’ll tell ya’ more ‘bout dat in future posties.


So, Till da next time………………………………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  

Dezi and Lexi