A Feral Conversatiion Pt. 1


Yes Dezi.

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Why are there so many kitties on the streets named Feral? You member when our town was all in a huff cuz of da kitties in da neighborhood.

Yes Dezi, I remember. Well honey there’s no easy answer to that question. See, somewhere down the line, for a lot of those kitties, they once had a home.

Wiff a mommy like you, mommy?

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Maybe dear. But more likely not cause their mommy or daddy was able to give them up; and I could never let go of you and your sister.

We don’t want you to give us up mommy.


I know Dezi and I’m not going to, so don’t worry your pretty little head about that. Anyways, for whatever reason, maybe they got tired of their kitty, or it got sick or old, or started acting out, or they had a new baby, or got a new kitty; anyways, for whatever reason they decided they didn’t want the kitty they had and so they threw it out of their house. Of course it probably kept coming back around so they may have yelled at it or threw things at it so it would get scared and go away. And a lot of times these kind of people don’t spay or neuter their kitties so they suddenly find themselves without a home or food or water or warmth and have to learn to survive all by themselves.

Oh me mommy, me couldn’t survive wiffout you and sissy. Me can barely member havin’ to fight wiff meez littermates to get a meal afur you saved me. But me sure likes not havin’ to fight wiff any kitty anymore to eat.


I know Dezi and you’ll never have to fight for your food ever again.



What happens to those kitties that get thrown out mommy? Do they find sumfin’ to eat?

Well sweety sum of them don’t and they die or get killed by cars, poison placed out by people, other animals and so on. And some of them find other kitties and form a colony. And for the most part they work together to find food and shelter and raise any kittens born into the colony. And they start learning to fear humans. Because all those kitties that weren’t spayed or neutered start having babies the colony grows and grows. And they teach those babies to be afraid of humans too and how to survive on the streets. And eventually there’s no trace of the kitty that once had a home, and all the new kitties born into that colony never knew a home. They’ve only ever known the streets. And so we call them “Feral” which means: a domesticated cat that has returned to the wild or the kittens of such a cat. They are different from a stray and most of them will never know what a home with a loving family is like.



Oh mommy dat be so sad. How do they survive? What can we do to help them and stop peeps fwum fwoin’ their kitties away? And what’s da diffewence mommy?

Well my dear those are questions for another day okay?. Let’s go get you and sissy some treats and we’ll talk more about this later.

Treats? Okay mommy, fanks. Purrlease join us fur our Adopt a Shelter Cat mumff series.

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And till da next time…………………………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  


Dezi and Lexi