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Hello everyone, I’ve hijacked Dezi’s blog today to tell you about something that makes my life a little easier. As you all know I had an accident years ago that left me disabled. And through the years for some strange reason I just keep getting older too. LOL It’s funny how that happens, isn’t it? Well as time goes on it gets more and more difficult for me to bend over or stretch up to reach some things. It’s not really safe for me to be climbing in chairs or little footstools to try to reach things on top shelves or cabinets. But living in a small apartment I must take advantage of all storage spaces available, and sometimes that means putting something in a spot that’s hard for me to get to later. We get all kinds of emails and we do get some asking how I do some things especially in the mornings when I can’t walk. So I thought we’d give you a little break today from the serious and tell you about one of the products I use.

 dw 4115grabber

Thankfully there’s a product that helps me access those things that are out of my reach. Calibre Products makes a tool called the #Reach it Grab it. It’s stronger than it looks and more durable than one might think. It’s rustproof, easy to use and has a comfortable grip. I don’t mind telling you that I’ve owned a few different types of these through the years at a variety of price points. And when I first saw the price of this one, I was a bit shocked and thought it was terribly over priced. But after receiving mine (free of charge for this review) and using it, I have to admit that it is a quality product and well made. It will most likely hold up a lot longer than the cheaper versions I have used in the past. It’s pick up head is completely rubber so you get a better grasp than you would with just 2 small rubber pieces that is common with this type of tool. The aluminum arm is quite sturdy and although lightweight is able to hold up to a couple of pounds.



It has come in handy even when playing with the girls. They like a good game of fetch now and then, but occasionally get side tracked before they make it back to me. Well that’s okay, I can get my Reach it Grab it and just pick up the toy and continue the game. And when I need to get a can out of the lower cabinets, no problem. The Reach it Grab it is slender enough to fit between cans to pick up the right one. The uses for the Reach it and Grab it are endless. Our apartment is set up in a way that the only telephone jack is in the kitchen. So in the mornings when I’m wheelchair bound I can easily use the Reach it Grab it to get the phone and take it with me to my chair in the living room. And when I’m on the computer and taking notes, if I happen to drop a pen or piece of paper, it’s easily picked up with the Reach it Grab it. And the girls love it because I can reach a bag of treats that has been put out of their reach. They don’t like that it has such a good grip the treats don’t spill, but hey, you can’t please everybody all the time, right? LOL


If you have arthritis or difficulty holding onto things, the Reach it Grab it just might be for you. If you would like to order one for yourself, just click here. There’s a 100% money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied, so you really have nothing to lose. And right now, it’s on sale for $19.98. Thanks for letting me tell you about one of my little helpers. Dezi will be back with more for Adopt a Shelter Cat Month postings.


Disclaimer I received the Calibre Reach it Grab it in exchange for my honest opinion. I received no money and as always we only review products we use ourselves and/or feel you our readers and friends would be interested in. Our opinions are our own and not for sale. Calibre is not responsible for the opinions expressed in this post.

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Me will be back wiff more fur Adopt a Shelter Cat Mumff.

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


Dezi and Lexi


A Feral Conversation Pt. 2

Mommy, mommy! Pick me up mommy, me wants to sit in yous lap. (Dezi gets up in mommy’s lap and settle’s in and lays down) Mommy, will you tell me more about da feral kitties?

Yes dear I will.. What do you say we brush your beautiful fur while I tell you the story?

dw Dezi in lap cu

Do we have to mommy?

Yes Dezi we do.

Okay, but me wants extwa tweats after. You was gunna tell me how da ferals survive and how we can help.

Yes dear I was. And we’ll see about those extra treats. That’s something the feral kitties don’t get, so you need to be thankful you do. Anyways, as I told you yesterday most ferals never get to know what a forever home with love and security is. And in the past their only hope was to live a short life, reproducing and fighting and going hungry day in and day out.

Dat’s just pawful mommy. Why do hoomans have to be so mean?

feral cat shutterstock feral cats eat

I don’t know my love. But not all humans are. Today there are a lot of feral colonies that are thriving. They have good humans looking after them. And these people make sure there is food and water and even sometimes shelters available for the times when it’s too cold or too hot. They work tirelessly to get the kitties in the colony spayed and neutered so they can quit having more and more babies. And they find those that can be part of a family and help them find a forever home off the streets. You know your friend Marg?

Oh yes mommy we luv Ms. Marg and all hers kitties and udder animals too.

Borrowed from Marg's Animals.  Little Bit is one of the lucky ferals now living the good life inside his forever home.
Borrowed from Marg’s Animals. Little Bit is one of the lucky ferals now living the good life inside his forever home.

Yes we do Dezi. Well a lot of Ms. Margs kitties were and are feral.

Me didn’t wealize dat mommy. they all seem so pawtastic.

They are Dezi. Being feral doesn’t mean the kitty is bad, it just means that they’re afraid. There are a lot of feral kitties finding homes these days because of the wonderful people that work with them. You can recognize a “kept colony” by the tipped ears. When they get one altered, the doctor cuts a little tip of the ear while they’re sedated so that everyone knows this kitty can’t make or have babies and belongs to a colony. It doesn’t hurt the kitty at all, and it’s a sign to all who see it. The kitties are then returned to their colony to live out their lives. This is called TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return) A lot of the people that take care of these colonies do it on their own. Some have formed rescues and have helpers. And for those of us who don’t have a colony near by we can help educate people about the ferals in their community. And donate. They can always use food and supplies and money. Altho’ a lot of vets will volunteer their time to work with the ferals, a lot of them still charge at least a small fee.

Is dat why yous told our town to chill and to twap da ferals in da community?

dw Lexi3960p

Yes honey it was. Unfortunately our community is very backward and they aren’t open to having a feral colony here, but that doesn’t mean we stop educating them. We keep trying to teach them every chance we get. And we try to educate people on how to be better pet parents so that the kitties don’t end up outside in the first place.

What did they do wiff those kitties mommy?

Well sweety I’m not sure, but I imagine it didn’t turn out well. No kitty belongs in a shelter cage, but ferals really don’t stand a chance of being adopted from a shelter.

Dat makes me so sad mommy. Me wishes every kitty kuld have a home wiff luv like me and sissy have.

I do too Dezi, but until people stand up and take responsibility for the animals in their lives there will always be the need for shelters and rescues and volunteers. These are just a few of the organiztions near us. Feral Friends, Ft. Worth Ferals, and here’s one at a local university. SMU Ferals If you are looking for a feral group in your area or need help with a feral colony of your own, please click here and choose your state to find the nearest organization. And remember, rescues and shelters always need donations. You my dear and your sister need to eat everyday and so do the ferals.

dw Dezi178

Those are sum gweat linkies mommy. Me sure hopes dat more peeps learns dat feral kitties awen’t bad and just need help and patience.

Me too sweety, me too.

Purrlease join us again fur our continuing tale fur Adopt a Shelter Cat Mumff. Ifin you missed Pt. 1, click here. And help however, whenever you can.

Till da next time………………..Be Blest!!!

(Dezi: Blue

Mommy: Black)


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 

Dezi and Lexi