What A Night

Oh me cats and kittens what a night we had. As you know, cuz me tells ya’ all da time; mommy be old and slow. Now meez not bashin’ mommy cuz she’ll tell ya da same fing. It’s just what happens; it’s pawrt of life. Anyways mommy set me up wiff twitter when we stawrted da bloggy but we was never very active cuz mommy dusn’t unnewstand all those hashtags and taggin’. Now ifin yous a member of BlogPaws you know they have these “chats” offen to innerduce us to bwands and stuffs. Well let me tell ya’, our furst chat…it was pitiful. It was over afur mommy even figgered out where to go. And she didn’t know she was posed to be clickin’ on da bar dat sed new tweets. And there was windows openin’ off to da side of da feed and then disappearin’ afur mommy kuld even figger out they was talkin’ to us. MOL Well after dat mommy almost gave up on twitter. She pawlogized to me and sissy fur bein’ so not a techy and able to keep up. We luv our mommy and she didn’t need to pawlogize to us. It’s okay. Weez sure there awe udders out there just like us.

Pull up a chair and let me tell ya' a stowry.
Pull up a chair and let me tell ya’ a stowry.

We didn’t attend anymore “chats” fur a while. Sumtimes it was cuz we was busy wiff udder fings, but mostly it was cuz mommy didn’t wanna get all flustered. Well after goin’ to BlogPaws we stawrted twyin’ to purrticipate in da twitter chats again. Afur yous ask, No, mommy didn’t get any more techy and still didn’t unnewstand those hashtags and stuffs; but mommy’s not a quitter and she will twy hers hawrdest to figger fings out. Did fings get any better yous ask? Not weally. Mommy still didn’t know what she was duin’, but we was there and twyin’. Dat’s what counted. Let me tell ya’ sumfin’ ‘bout this twitter. It moves fast and dusn’t slow down fur peeps twyin’ to learn. And there’s a maximum number of letters you can tweet. Well yous all know weez chatty kits so we find dat a bit stiflin’. MOL Dat bein’ sed, weez keep twyin’.

 dw-Lexibochair2DSCN5098 (800x715)

Now duwin’ these chats they have these give aways. You know so we can twy sum of da purroducts fwum da bwands dat be pawrt of da chat. Da furst time we twied to win da twivia question was asked and like a 4 year old we blurted out da answer. Actually we posted da answer to da feed. Well dat’s not how yous posed to do it. MOL By da time we figgered out how to send a message, da whole chat was over. MOL You weally shuld see mommy twyin’ to figger it all out and keep up. And of course luv on me, cuz me be sittin’ in hers lap twyin’ to play patty cake wiff her. And anudder fing, they always have these chats at dinner time. Don’t they know when weez have dinner? Hmmph Yous wuld fink they wuld schedule these fings wound our schedule. MOL Now dat meez given you a little backgwound, let me get back to last night.

It'z anudder twitter chat. Good luck youz two. MOL
It’z anudder twitter chat. Good luck youz two. MOL

Yep, there was a chat last night. Mommy had set up hers weminder and we got logged in wight on time. Fings was actually movin’ a little slow and mommy was quite happy wiff dat. And all of a sudden everypawdy else’s clock musta been slow, cuz afur we kuld blink, da race was on. Tweets flyin’ here and there and little pop up boxes appearin’ and disappearin’ faster than we kuld read ‘em and so many gawjus kitty fotos movin’ down da stweam afur we kuld even paw da like button much less make a comment. And then da give aways began. Me told mommy to hurry cuz me wanted to win. Sis Lexi was watchin’ fwum a safe distance on da back of da chair, me was layin’ in hers lap, and mommy’s fingers was on fire clickety clackin’ on da puter keys. And guess what? Me won!!! Me finally won a twitter chat give away. OMC Me kuldn’t believe it. So now yous askin’ yous selff, did mommy finally figger it all out? Did she visit da fountain of youff? Did she suddenly get all teched up? Nah, it was just dumb luck. MOL But it was fun. And then it was time fur dinner. So weez pawed off and mommy made sis Lexi and me our pawsum dinner plates. All dat ‘citement musta welly got sis Lexi’s engines revvin’ cuz she ate 3 of those 3 ounce cans of noms and a packet too.

dw-DezitweetDSCN4325 (1280x960)
Me has to win mommy.

Meez question to all of you is…awe you on a social media channel dat yous have twubble keepin’ up wiff? Do yous tweet? Do yous purrfur a more laid back manner of keepin’ in touch?

And me also wants to announce da winner of meez Groom Genie Give away. Fank you all fur enterin’. Weez have more give aways comin’ soon so stay tuned. And da winner is……………………Maggie Swanson fwum Sunday’s at the Shelter. ConCats awnty Maggie, weez know yous gunna luv it. And member, ifin yous didn’t win, yous can pick up one of these pawsum gwoomin’ tools wiff a $5.00 off coupon by clickin’ da link above.

Till da next time……………………..Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi

37 thoughts on “What A Night

  • First, I want to say, we feel your pain about Twitter. Mom is fairly techy and still has lots of trouble keeping up with a chat. It starts out nice then it’s like a party where everyone starts talking all at once and you can’t understand anyone! And they are really at dinner time for us — they start at 5pm our time. We just keep trying. Concats on your perseverance and winning a prize. And concats to Maggie.

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  • We stay away from those sites, like Twitter, Instagram Printerest, etc…makes meowmy’s head spin too hard, MOL!!

    We like the blogging and emails, MOL! So behind the times, but its he way we like to keep things simple…life is too complicated already!! Why, we do not even do Facebook, OMC!!

    Have fun with your prize and concats to you and Maggie, too:))

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  • Hiya Dezi & lexi,

    We’re on twitter, however if mew look at our profile mew’ll see we’ve ‘sent’ over 80,000 tweets – actually we haven’t MOL – the P.A. found this website [roundteam.com] that retweets fur mew, so our twitter account is pretty much automated for use with a few key hashtags – all cat related, so we seem really active there but actually we only spend a few minutes every few days.

    Instagram is a mystery to us, getting followers is like looking fur rocking horse manure! MOL MOL

    We’ll just stick to blogging, it’s safer and you’re not restricted to 140 characters! MOL

    Happy dayz


    Basil xox

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    • Oh Meow Basil dat sounds weally cool. Weez twied to look it up, but da domain sez it’s fur sale. Oh well, weez’ll keep trudgin’ along. MOL We do luv yous instagwam analogy. We feel da exact same way. MOL Have a gweat day, weez luv yous bloggy.

      Luv ya’

      Dezi and Lexi


  • Twitter is my least favorite- I don’t understand the hashtags either and I did the same thing your Mommy did and wrote the answer instead of sending it privately. I don’t do the chats often, one time I didn’t realize it was sponsored by PetSmart and I wrote I am going to go to Petco- MOL! ANd I have yet to connect to Instagram, I have a cheap tablet and can’t make it work.And you know I have trouble blogging, but thankfully, your Mom has helped me 🙂 XO and lots of love.

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  • Yay for our pal Maggie! And hooray for you for winning that chat prize! Those Twitter chats are difficult to keep up with — they are fast and furious, for sure!

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  • First, hooray for Maggie, she is super cool! Hey, tell Mom not to geel bad about the Twitter thing, just keep practicing. Even though I have over 12,000 twitter followers we can do the chats cause Dad has dyslexia and he really can’t keep up.

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  • Hi Dezi, I think your mom does really well with Twiter. I know my mom could not figure it out. My mom is still trying to figure out Facebook. Mom says that all of this technology stuff was not around back in the olden days when she (and your mom ) were growing up. People had one landline telephone and no computers. When they took pictures they had to take them somewhere and have them developed. Since they did not grow up with the technology of today it is harder for them to learn it. Love, Andy

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aaaaaw Fanks Andy. Yous mommy be so wight. It’s so hawd fur mommy to learn dat a foto dusn’t have to be posed. And goin’ in a store these days means yous’ll hear all ’bout sumpawdy else’s life cuz they be busy talkin’ on da fone. Peeps can’t even go to da pawdee box wiffout a fone connected to their ear. MOL

      Luv ya’

      Dezi and Lexi


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