TCIF (Thank Cat it’s Furiday)

Well furiends it’s been a foo days since we’s wote anyfin’. It wuz crazy busy here. Mommy had tu go tu da cancer center tu hav a CAT Scan cuz her has been havin’ sum twubbles. We’s still workin’ on da dictionawy page so don’t fink we’s furgot. 🙂  Anyways is finally Furiday!! YAY!! Altho’ since mommy’s disabled and dusn’t work it’s da same as any udder day fur us. MOL And you know now dat we liv in a 24/7 world TCIF (Thank Cat it’s Furiday) dusn’t weally hav da same meanin’ as it once did. Anyway as most of you know meez twyin’ tu win a new dwinkin’ fountain in a contest hosted by woobox and soft paws. Mommy even has meez sum soft paws just hasn’t put dem on meez yet. Not dat meez wuld make it easy fur hers. MOL Mommy sez she will purrawly pay da VET his unholy purrice tu hav him put dem on fur her so dey will be dun rite. Meez gunna leav you wif sum happy fotos tuday and wish you a Pawsum weekend!!  Ifin you wuld like tu vote fur meez, here’s da link, just paw da vote button and den paw da vote button on meez foto. Fank you. 

Wif Much Luv, 😀




ImageSis Lexi has tu be here tu of course. Meez luvs hers very much. 🙂