Nippin’ After da Stowm

Did ya’ miss meez?? MOL Last nite we’s had elektrikal storms and so we’s kuldn’t be on da puter. And meez wus hidin’ out under da bed tu. MOL Da sky wus all lit up and da funder wus roarin’ and da wain wus pourin’. Mommy sez dat all of dat will make fur a vewy purretty summer. Meez sez  we’s will see ifin is all worf it or not when summer gets here. Fur now is still hot one day and cold da nex. Sis Lexi and meez got sum new toys yesfurday fwum owr awnty Kathie and Mimi da bengal girl frum facebook. Dey are pawsum, course what kitty dusn’t like a good catnip sock. So tuday we’s had a little nip over load. 

Imageplayin’ wif da nip cigar. 🙂

ImageAnd den meez had a little fun wif meez scwatchin’ post.

ImageAnd of course sis lexi got in on da fun tu. 🙂

ImageAnd meez got up close wif mommy fur a selfie. MOL

Til da nex time hav a pawsum nite/day. Kitty kisses tu you all.

Wif Much Luv, 😀