Dezi Luvs da Fone

Well so meez leawned tu use da fone tu call 911 in case of an emewgency.  Da nex task wus tu leawn tu bwing da fone tu mommy when hers wus still awake but kuldn’t get tu it herself.  Lexi and meez awe mommys ‘fallen and can’t get up buttons.’ MOL   So mommy put a stwing on da fone and began meez twainin’.  Once wes’ know how tu bwing da fone, we use da belt loop attachment stead of stwing.  Mommy wuld wait til da fone wuld wing and den call meez ovew and giv meez da stwing and den tell me tu giv her da fone and den hers wuld take da stwing back.  And she wuld sleep wiff da fone and in da meownins when meez wuld cwawl up on hers chest she wuld giv me da stwing and tell meez tu giv it tu her.  Evewday da stwing wuld get a little showtew  until it wus wight on da fone.  By dis time meez wus big nuff tu cawwy da fone in meez mouf.  Meez wuld watch Lexi cawwy da fone tu mommy and ifin sumpawdy called in da meownins afur mommy kuld get ’round meez wuld watch Lexi help mommy and hold da fone fur her.  Shes wuld lay up against da fone so it wuld stay in place by mommys eaw.  Well meez fawt dat dis wus weally fun.  and sumtimes meez wuld hit da button and a voice wuld stawt talkin tu me.  Meez luvs tu visit and dis wus sumfin new.   So meez stawted twyin’ tu ‘answew’  and bwing mommy da fone evewtime it wang.  Even when mommy didn’t need meez tu.  And sumtimes it wusn’t convenient fur mommy. mol


More den once meez got da fone and pawed da talk button when mommy wus……unavailable. MOL   One aftewnoon mommy wus in da pawdee box woom and of couwse meez wus der wiff her.  You know da unspoken wule dat sez yous can’t go tu da pawdee by youself, wight?! MOL   Meez wus eyein’ da pawdee box meself when suddenly da fone wang.  Meez knew mommy kuldn’t get tu it fast nuff so off me wan.  Sis Lexi wus layin’ on da vanity and hers meowed at me as meez wan fur da fone, and mommy wus twyin’ tu get up and hollewin’ “Dezi, leave the phone alone honey.  Sweety come back here and go tu the pawdee box.  Dezi, purrlease.”  But meez didn’t listen and meez got da fone and stawted back tu da pawdee box woom wiff it.  Mommy hollewed agin fur meez tu dwop da fone, so dis time meez did.   Meez looked at mommy and den at da fone and it wus still wingin’, so meez pawed da big button dat makes voices come out of it.  And at dat moment mommy wus hollewein, “Dezi dear I’m on the pawdee and I don’t want the phone in the bathroom.”   Den mommy heawd a voice comin’ outta da fone sayin’ , “I’ll call back.”   Mommy sed fankfully dis time it wus hers case managew/nuwse.  Uddew wise hers wulda been weally embawased.  mol  Of couws dis wusn’t da fiwst time meez had dun dis and wuldn’t be da last.  So, twain yous kitty at yous own wisk.         Til da nex time, Hav a Pawsum day!!


A furiend made dis fur us. We's da bestest furiends now, and wes' luv each uddew bunches.
A furiend made dis fur us. We’s da bestest furiends now, and wes’ luv each uddew bunches. 🙂




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Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 😀