Dezi Learns tu Drive da Wheelchair…or Does She??

Meez has lots mowe funny stowwys ’bout meez and da fone and meez in genewal, but mommy fawt it wuld be bettew ifin wes’ went ahead and told you ’bout sum of da uddew stuff meez dus and den wes’ kuld come back and tell mowe funny stowwys.  Not dat twainin’ wusn’t fun and funny sumtimes as you will soon wead.  Meez fawt dat we shuld also tell you dat wes’ don’t covew evew minute of twainin’ so meez blog is not intended tu be a twainin’ manual.  But ifin der’s sumfin yous wuld like tu know more ’bout or need help wiff you can always contact us by email and mommy will twy tu help you.  And maybe we will covew it in meez blog.  Wes’ luv heawin’ fwum ya’ll.  All questions and comments awe welkum.  Well wiff all of mommys purrawlems hers medicine weaws off duwin da nite and hers can’t move so good in da meownins.  so hers doctow owdewed her a wheelchaiw tu use.  Back when mommy fiwst got da wheelchaiw hers got ‘wound a bit bettew, but now a days hers weally can’t move below hers neck when she fiwst wakes up.   So it’s ow job tu massage hers awms so she can move dem, and hers legs so she can move dem a little and den get her intu da wheelchaiw and tu da pawdee box woom fur….well yous know and den tu da kitchen so she an make us bwekky.  🙂 So meez got da massage down pat, and even tho’ it’s not pawt of dis, meez gweat wiff da fone. MOL   So now is time fur meez tu leawn tu dwive da wheelchaiw. 


Sis Lexi told lots of stowwys ’bout meez and da wheelchaiw so meez gunna twy not tu wepeat ’em here.  Altho’ dey may sound similaw cuz well, it’s not like those things only hapund once or twice. MOL    As mommy stated in da wadio innewview, wes’ dwive da wheelchaiw wiff ow moufs on da joystick.  So mommy put meez in her lap and gently pushed meez head down so dat mees bit da joystick. and den mommy gently pushed meez head fowawd and da chaiw moved. (mommy had alweady tuwned it on)  Well dat scawed meez and so me jumped down and wan.  Meez didn’t go vewy faw, and den meez tuwned wound tu see ifin da chaiw wus still movin’.   Fank fully it had stopped and mommy wus callin’ meez tu come back tu her.  Well meez luvs mommy mowe den meez fwaid, so me went wight back ovew and jumped back up in mommys lap.  Hers luved on me a bit and den put meez head back down ovew da joystick.  Meez pushed back against mommy and hers cooed at meez until me bit da joystick again.  Dis time wes’ didn’t move, and mommy let meez go. Wes’ did dis a foo mowe times afuw da chaiw stawted movin’ again and meez didn’t wun.  Next meez has tu leawn tu dwive da wheelchaiw all by meez self. 🙂  Now we’s in fuw sum fun. MOL                                Til da nex time,  Hav a Pawsum day!!!


Meez Luvs you!!
Meez Luvs you!! 


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Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 😀