Well a nuddew cold day here agin, but at least we’s didn’t hav snow!!!  OMC so many of you did. 😦 Meez so sowwy and hope fur all ow sakes dat wintew goes away soon. It has tuwned so cold agin dat all da June bugs hav fwoze up agin. MOL Is all quiet aftew dawk. MOL Deys are a foo dat pawently didn’t get back tu da holes afur da cold snap so deys just layin’ out der on deys backs lookin’ dead. Don’t let ’em fool ya’ tho’ ifin da temps wus even 20* wawmew dey wuld be flyin’ all ’bout and slammin’ intu da door.    

We’s had a vewy lazy Tuesday. Mommy hadn’t gone tu bed Munday til  it wus actually Tuesday meownin’ (7 a.m.) so we’s slep in an cuddled extwa agin. We’s don’t mind tho’ cuz we’s luv cuddlin’ wif mommy specially when hers has da lectwic blanket on. 🙂  Hopefully tuday will be wawmew. 


So, meez told you’s dat meez wus nominated fur an awawd. Meez vewy sweet furiend and fellow Cat Scout Sammy (http://onespoiledcat.wordpress.com) nominated meez fur da YooHoo awawd.  Meez wus so excited cuz dis be da fiwst awawd on meez new blog. Now der is a  foo wules tu go wif it tho’. Da fiwst is dat meez must post and fank da pawsun nominatin’ meez, and second tell 3 fings meez fannkful fur. (dis won’t be hawd cuz meez vewy blessed) And den fiwd, visit  and coment on fwee of da blogs dat wus nominated wif meez. And last but not least, pass da awawd on.  Now dis is da one dat mite snag meez. MOL Meez be so new tu bloggin’ dat meez dusn’t know 7 blogs dat haven’t alweady wecieved dis awawd fwum sumpawdy else. So meez wus talkin’ it ovew wif Sammy and hims sed dat meez kuld tell any of you’s hoo visit meez dat you’s can considew you’s self nominated and take it wif you. Just be honowable and follow da wules. 🙂


Yoo-Hoo Award
Yoo-Hoo Award


So,   Fank you Sammy!!  (http://onespoiledcat.wordpress.com)

1. Meez is so fankful fur meez mommy. God gav meez da bestest mommy in da univews. She wescued meez and saved meez fwum cewtain deff. 

2. Meez is so fankful fur meez sissyfur  Lexi. Mommy saved her fwum cewtain deff tu, and hers is da bestest big sisfur in da univews.

3. Meez is so fankful fur all of you and ow facebook furiends and ow Showmecats furiends and all meez new furiends at da Cat Scouts.

Meez kuld go on and on, but you’s mite not wanna heaw all dat, at least not all at once. MOL Ifin you haven’t wecieved dis awawd fwum anypawdy else and you’s wuld purrfer meez nominate you’s stead of just takin’ it, den purrlease tell meez in da comments, but purrlease feel fwee tu take it and display it pwoudly on you’s blog. 🙂

Meez second piece of news is still pendin’. Meez invited a furiend tu join Cat Scouts, but deys been busy and haven’t had da chance tu check it out yet. But, meez did get meez unifowm custom made wif da badges dat meez hav alweady ewned fanks tu Gracie at (http://gabbygracie.blogspot.com)

Don't meez look official in meez new unifowm?? Meez be so purroud.
Don’t meez look official in meez beautiful new unifowm?? Meez be so purroud.

So til da nex time, Hav a Pawsum day!!

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 😀