Time Fur Anuddew Dwivin’ Lesson!!

Well meez hadn’t mastewed da wheelchaiw so mommy decided it wuz time fuw anuddew dwivin’ lesson. Dis time wees stawted in da bedwoom cuz dis is whewe meez will du most of da dwivin’ fwum anyways, and is fuw-vew fwum da hall and da walls. MOL   Cuz da bedwoom walls hav fings in fwunt of dem. Ders a chest of dwawews on one wall and a dwessew on anuddew wall and mommys vanity on anuddew and well da bed blocks da uddew wall.  Meeez wuld need tu dwive mommy fwum da bed tu da pawdee box woom in da meownins when hers can’t hawdly muv.  So wees stawted at da bed.  Mommy had da chaiw pointed tuwawds da pawdee box woom and so all dat wuz left is fuw meez tu dwive us der.  So Meez pawed da on button and it beeped.  Meez den put me mouf on da joystick and lifted meez eyes so meez kuld see, and slowly pushed da joystick fowawd, and…..wees didn’t muv. MOL   Not even an inch.  So meez pawed da on button again, and slid meez paw back down tu mommys lap, and pushed da joystick fowawd a bit stwongew, and……ZooooooooM!!!   BANG!!!   BOOM!!!!!   Wight intu da chest of dwawews. MOL   Meez had pawed da speed button when meez dwagged me paw back down aftew westawtin’ da chaiw.  Fank Catness mommy puts paddin’ on da chaiw duwin’ twainin’. MOL  Meez finks wees wus boff stunned cuz wees boff just sat der like…fuwevew afuw mommy backed us up.  Meez kuldn’t get down so meez had tu sit der all cwunched up lookin’ at da chest. MOL   Finally mommy backed us up and wees stawted ovew back at da bed.


Or so mommy fawt. She got us all backed up and and loosened her gwip on me and meez wus off.  Yep wight outta der meez went. Dat wus nuff fuw meez. MOL   Well mommy let meez fink dat me had won cuz hers came and sat down in da livin’ woom and stawted watchin T.V. til meez got up in hers lap, which took all of 5 minutes.  Meez wuz luvvin’ and purrin and den she held me and back tu da chaiw we went again. OMC   Dat’s just not faiw.  Meez wanted tu luv not leawn. MOL   Wees sat down and mommy held meez a little tightew den afuw and so meez put me mouf on da joystick and pushed it fowawd. Wees wus off.  Fings wus lookin’ good tu, not tu fast and not tu slow, wees wus goin’ at a speed dat wus just wight.  And den wees got tu da pawdee box woom and meez had tu push da joystick fowawd a little hawdew tu get ovew da hump, and……BOOoooOOOooom!!! (dat’s vibwations–mol)  Wight intu da bafftub. MOL  Yous know dat pawdee box woom floow is a little slippewy,  Da tiwes woll much fastew on it den dey du on da cawpet.  And dis time mommy and meez boff fell fowawd intu da tub. OMC   Mommy wus clutchin’ meez so tight and hers tuwned so dat hers wus da one dat hit da hawd tub and meez wus on mommys chest.  Sis Lexi heawd da commotion and hers came wunnin’ intu da pawdee box woom and jumped up in da chaiw and looked at boff mommy and me like, “Whatcha’ duin’?”  MOL   Okay, lesson ovew fur da day mommy.  Meez dun nuff.   Meez got yous tu da pawdee box woom da west is up tu you. MOL 

Til da nex time, Hav a Pawsum Day!!!


Hav a Pawsum Day!!!
Hav a Pawsum Day!!!  🙂



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