Dezi’s Drivin’!!!

So mommy and mez been pwacticin’ da wheelchaiw dwivin’ a lot, and meez been wunnin intu evewfin, a lot. MOL   Meez dwove in tu da walls and da doows and da chest kwite a foo mowe times, but meez wus  still twyin’.  Meez wus gunna mastew dis no mattew what.  Aftew all, ifin Lexi kuld du it meez fawt fuw suwe dat me kuld. mol   So one meownin’ wees woke up and gav mommy hers massage and den Lexi bwought  da wheelchaiw tu da bed.   And wees got mommy in da chaiw and den meez jumped in mommys lap in da dwivin’ seat.   Da last leesson had meez and mommy wunnin’ intu da wall yet again cuz da fone wang.  So mommy looked at meez and sis Lexi looked at meez and me just got weady tu dwive tu da pawdee box woom.  So mommy told Lexi tu let meez dwive and Lexi sat down on mommys uddew leg.  Meez tuwned da chaiw on and pushed da joystick fowawd and wees wus headin fuw da pawdee box woom.  So faw so good.  And den….Meez mouf slipped and da chaiw jewked a little and Lexi jumped down and wan on tu da pawdee box woom.  But meez stopped so wees didn’t wun intu anyfin’.  And den meez stawted again.  When wees got tu da edge of da pawdee box woom meez pushed da joystick weally hawd fuw just a second and den meez lifted meez head so da chaiw wuld stop and not keep goin’ and fwo mommy and meez intu da tub again.  Meez had dun it!!!!  Yippeeeeeee!!!!  Meez had dwove mommy all da way tu da pawdee box woom and not wan intu anyfin’!!!!   😀   Now ifin meez can just get mommy down da hall and tu da kitchen.    


Now as yous know, cuz meez been tellin’ ya’; tumowwo is meez sis Lexi’s Meowday.   Fuw those of you hoo don’t know what a Meowday is, it’s what mommy calls ow Biwfdays. Altho’ mommy knows zakly when wees wus bown, so many adopted kittys’ biwfdays awen’t known.  So a long time ago mommy stawted callin’ dem Meowdays so dat evew kitty kuld hav a special day tu celebwate.  Dis wus afuw da tewm ‘gotcha day’ wus wound.  Anyways, last night wees had ow favowit people food, PIZZA!!!!  🙂  So meez gunna shawe ow pizza pawty fotos wiff you tuday, and tumowwo will be all ’bout sis Lexi.  Me will get back tu meez stowwy on Wednesday, so meez hopes you enjoy bein’ pawt of ow celebwation.                      Til da nex time, Hav a Pawsum Munday!!



Yummy, nommm, meez luvs pizza.
Yummy, nommm, meez luvs pizza.
Yummmy, dat pizza wuz good!!
Yummmmy, dat pizza wuz good!!


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Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses ♥♥♥