Dezi, Mommy, the Wheelchair and the Wall, O My

Well meez stawted tellin’ yous yesfuwday ’bout meez leawnin’ tu dwive da wheelchaiw.  Okay meez wus just gettin’ comfy wiff it, but yous gotta admit dat a long tailed long haired cat and a movin’ chaiw kuld make fuw a scawy occuwance.  But meez twusts meez mommy and knows dat shes wuldn’t let anyfin’  huwt me so it wus time tu weally leawn tu dwive.  So one day aftew mommy and meez had been pwacticin’ where meez shuld sit and how tu push da joystick tu make da chaiw go and how tu push da button tu tuwn on da chaiw, it wus time fuw a dwivin’ lesson.  Fiwst tho’ let meez tell you a little ’bout Ragdolls. We’s vewy smawt but we’s kittys fuw quite a while.  Meanin’ wees matuwe slowew den uddew kittys.  So just cuz we’s all grown up in body dusn’t mean a fing. MOL  We’s still gunna act like a kitten sumtimes, you know showt ‘tention span and a bit playful.  So meez and mommy wus in da chaiw at da edge of da dinin’ woom and weady tu go.  Sis Lexi wus lookin’ on fwum da livin’ woom.  Meez pawed da on button and heawd it beep and den meez put me mouf on da joystick.   Da last place mommy had used da chaiw wus when hers took da twash out, so hers had turned da speed all da way up.  Anyways meez pushed da joystick fowawd and….Zooooooom Away wees went.  BOOM!!  And wight intu da hall wall.  We came tu a complete and abwupt stop. Mommy had fuwgot tu tuwn da speed down when hers came back in da house.  And ifin mommy hadn’t been holdin’ onto me, den meez kulda wulda hit da wall meezself. MOL    Meez eyes got big as saucews and sis Lexi sat stwaight up and dwopped hers mouf all da way tu da floow.  MOL  Okay, so maybe hers mouf wusn’t all da way tu da floow, but da look on hers face sed it all.  Meez had made a boo boo.


Meez stawted squiwmin’ and twyin’ tu get down but mommy wusn’t lettin’ meez go.  ‘Stead she stawted luvvin’ on me and tellin’ meez it wus guunna be okay.  All meez kuld fink is ‘whewe wus she??  Can’t she see da wall in fwunt of us??’  Mommy backed us up and calmed meez down and tuwned da speed down tu weally slow.  So meez put me mouf on da joystick again and pushed it fowawd vewy cawefully. Wees stawted wollin’ down da hall and…..da fone wang.  Meez jewked meez head wound towawds da livin’ woom and da fone, and when meez did, da chaiw tuwned wiff meez. MOL  BOOM!!  Intu da wall weez went again.  Dis time meez jumped outta da chaiw afuw mommy kuld gwip meez weally tight.  And off tu get da fone meez went.  Lesson ovew. MOL   Dis lesson wus ovew, but mommy wusn’t finished wiff meez yet.  Mommy and meez and da chaiw had hit da wall twice, but mommy wusn’t ’bout tu give up on meez.                                              Til da nex time, Hav a Pawsum Catuwday!!!


Meez waitin' fuw da fone tu wing and lookin' aftew mommy.
Meez waitin’ fuw da fone tu wing and lookin’ aftew mommy.

Meez told you dat weez just like any uddew kitty ‘sep wees hav a job. So we fawt wees wuld shawe dis video wees made tuday wiff ow new toys dat wees got fuw sis Lexi’s Meowday fwum ow wunnewful furiend Shiner.

Ifin yous can’t see da video, paw dis link:  (



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