What a Weekend!!!

Well what a weekend meez had. Caturday wus vewy purretty. A bit windy but da wedder wus just wite.  When we’s woke up on Sunday, we’s had fweeze wawnins. MOL  Apwil in Okalahoma. MOL  We’s hav these bugs here in da sowf dat we’s call june bugs. Don’t know why cuz is Apwil and deys evew where. When dey hit da door or da window you’s know it. Deys are big and fat and solid. And of course meez likes tu slap at da door at dem.  One got in da house once and mommy huweed it back out.  Mommy dusn’t like us eatin’ any bug. She’s acts like deys all poison.  Well wite wownd dinner time meez hole world stawdid wumblin’ and da sky tuwned black. And den…… OMC da wains fell and fell and fell.  And it HAILED!!! OMC Der wus little wownd ice pellets fallin’ all ovew da place. It seemed like fuwevew and meez wan and hid. Mommy fixed meez dinnew but meez wus nowhere tu be found.  Alas meez herd meez mommy singin’, “Dezi, my Dezi, Come eat your dinner right now. Dezi, my Dezi, I’m gonna find you somehow.  Dezi, my Dezi my angel my dear. Dezi my Dezi please come here.” Well meez can nevew wesist meez mommy and when hers sings tu meez…….So out meez came and hers scooped meez up and kissed and hugged and luved on meez til me wus slobbewin’ evew where.  Well she’s put meez down and me went tu eat. After a foo bites meez wanted sum more luv, and mommy is always happy tu oblige. 🙂

A little latew meez wus layin’ in da hallway all stwetched out and meez heawd sumfin. It wus so faint dat mommy didn’t hear anyfin’. Ooooh der it wus, a june bug had gotten in da house. MOL Meez wus stawlkin’ it and pawin’ it and it wus twyin’ hawd tu get away. Dey fly tu you know. And dat’s when mommy saw it. MOL Hers scweamed and sed, “Oh Dezi, angel, fank you for purrtectin’ me.” And den hers got a shoe and….splat, june bug gone. MOL  Meez wus twyin’ tu get at hims undew  mommy’s shoe while hers went tu get a napkin tu fwo’ him out wif.  Meez just got da shoe up when mommy appeawed wif da napkin and meez lost meez pwize kill. MOL Meez may not be a big time mouser but meez da pawtectow of meez house!! 🙂 MOL

So, til da nex time, Hav a Pawsum Day!!!

Good Meownin' tu you all. Hav a Pawsum day!!
Good Meownin’ tu you all. Hav a Pawsum day!!
Hello and Meow
Meweek and Meow
And here's sum goodnite kisses fur you.
And here’s sum goodnite kisses fur you.


Luv and Hugs and Kitty kisses 😀