Purrfect Caturday tu You

Well mommy set hers alawm and so here we are. 🙂 Meez wundews how long mommy’s gunna be able tu keep dis up. MOL Oh well you’s gotta enjoy it while it lasts meez alwayz sez. So is a vewy nice Caturday here. Not tu hot, not tu cold and not tu windy. Meez had mommy wunnin a bit tuday just cuz meez feelin’ a bit of dat spwing fevw. meez meweeked a foo times fur mommy tu clean da lpawdee box and tu play wif meez and fur luvin’ of course. Da only hiccup we’s had wus dis meownin’ when we’s wus eatin’ bwekky. Idiot had let  heel nipper out tu wun fwee (yet again) and anudder nayber fawt dey wuld du da same. So now wite in our fwunt lawn we’s had heel nipper and a little black doggy fightin’.  Heel nipper is not vewy furiendly, course you’s mite not be tu furiendly ifin you’s got beat or tied up all da time eevew. So sis Lexi and meez twyin’ tu eat in peace and der dey went, gwolwlin’ and bawkin’ and skweelin’. Did idiot come out and get heel nipper?? Did da little black doggy’s human come and get it?? NO!! Wus left tu mommy tu hollew at dem and bwake up da fight. Little black dog took off wunnin back tu hims house and finally  idiot opened da door and called fur heel nipper tu come inside.

Anyways, dat bit of meownin’ dwama over wif we’s went back tu eatin’ our bwekky. Mommy always checks emails while we’s eat and den we’s get intu hers lap and check in on our furiends. Lots of fun goin’ wownd in da blog wowld tuday, looks like evewpawdy is havin’ a purretty nice Caturday. One of our “awnty’s” is havin’ a Meowday tuday and also facin’ sadness as hers kitty hoo has been sick fur a  long time is duin’ vewy badly and may need tu go tu heaven. It seems we hav lost so many furiends lately dat sumdays we’s wunner why we’s keep loggin’ in. Den mommy weminds us dat is all a pawt of da ciwcle of life and dat even tho’ bad fins hapun ders lots of good tu. And dat we’s suppowt each uddew and da bad times are easiew tu bearw. So on dis beautiful spwing Caturday we’s  send  all of you luv. And we’s wish you’s a Pawsum day and weekend filled wif hope fwum abuv.  Is nap time again so til da nex time,                 ©



Imagefwum sis Lexi and meez. 🙂



Luv and Hugs and Kitty kisses 😀