What’s Kitty Playin’ Wif??

OMC furiends du you know how much stuff der is fur kitties these days?? Wif sis Lexi’s Meowday comin’ up and sum of hers facebook furiends askin’ what she’s mite want den mommy’s been twyin’ tu get a wish list tugedder fur hers. And ders so many fings dat we’s been lookin’ fur 2 days now and mommy still hasn’t made it all da way fwu. MOL All our eyes are stawtin’ tu cwoss. Mommy sez she’s members a day when da kitties had a shelf. And on dat shelf wus all da food, tweats, litter and toys dat wus made fur cats.  All medicines came frum da VET, even fings like hairball control. MOL Nowadays ders not much you can’t buy and da toys……. And den ders da “furniture”. MOL Cats hav “furniture” now. Once we’s had A shelf and now we’s hav “furniture”. MOL And a kitty bed wus once a wownd  stuffed pillow wif edges. Now deys come in all shapes and sizes and colors and wif decowations and on pedestals or wifout. OMC And da foods you can buy…..ders a flavor, a can or a kibble fur evew kitty. Deys toys dat kitty plays wif by dem selves and dat uses batteries or motion detection. And ders da toys dat make your human play more den kitty just twyin’ tu get kitty innersted. MOL  We hav a foo of those and mommy hates dem cuz we’s wait til mommy’s exhausted afur we’s engage. MOL  Now don’t get meez wrong, ders still da little catnip stuffed animals, but ders ohh so much more. And da question evewpawdy’s askin’ is what wuld meez cat like da most?!  

Til da nex time, we’s will leav you wif a foo fotos tu fink on. MOL

ImageOMC a BOX!!! 🙂

ImageMeez wants tu play wif you’s sissy. 🙂

ImageCome on sis let’s play. 🙂

ImageYAY!!!! Iz da packin’ paper fwum da BOX!!!! 🙂


Luv and Hugs and Kitty kisses 😀