Do You Wanna Know What A Service Cat Is??

Well furiends mommy and meez been chattin’ and meez wealized dat not evewpawdy here on meez blog follows us on facebook. So dat means dat sum of you’s don’t weally know what all sis Lexi and meez du fur mommy as service cats. And meez gettin’ lots of new followews/furiends since meez posted da wadio show dat mommy wus on talkin’  ’bout what we’s du.  So we’s wus finkin’ dat maybe meez shuld tell you’s sum of ow twainin’ stowy’s . We’s kuld tell sum dat sis Lexi told and sum dat she’s didn’t tell on facebook.  So nex week ifin you’s all are innewested den meez will stawt wiff sum twainin’ stowy’s. Purrlease let us know what you’s fink in da comments. 🙂


Now, we’s fawt we’s wuld shawe sum Easter fotos wiff you’s all tunite. We’s be so blessed. As we’s told you one of ow facebook furiends sent us a gift cawd so mommy kuld buy sumfin good tu eat fur Easter, and den tuday we’s got anuddew box fwum ow sweet furiend Gizmo and hims furmily. Sis Lexi got lots of new toys fur hers Meowday dat she’s gunna shawe wiff meez, and sum more Pizza munny. 😀 YAY!!!! Pizza pawty all munf long!! And den der wus sum munny fur Easter tu.  Meez told you’s all yesfurday dat meez kuld go on and on wiff all da fings meez is fankful fur, and dis is just one more fing tu add tu meez list.         


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Happy Easter


Happy Easter



So meez hope you’s all hav a Pawsum Day!! And til da nex time,

membew tu let meez know in da comments ifin you’s wuld like tu heaw ’bout us twainin’ tu be Service Cats.

Luvs and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 😀