Tuesday Kisses

Well dat fweeze wawnin’ we’s had came twu. It stawdid wainin’ agin last nite afur we’s went tu bed, but it wusn’t hawd and wus just ’nuff tu make it humid and wawm.  So mommy turned on da fan so we’s kuld all be comfy and still bweev.  At sum point, da lectricity went off and mommy’ s alawm got shut off.  Now mind you da alawm is da bedwoom t.v..  Mommy likes tu watch t.v. while Lexi and meez giv her a meownin’ massage.  We’s hadn’t gone tu bed til almost 5 a. m. cuz of da stowm so we’s slep in til 10:30 a. m., and when we woke up…..MOL We’s wus all cuddled up tugeddew. It wus cold!!!! Ovew nite da temps had dwopped tu almost 20* and da fan had turned back on high speed (it’s default settin’ aftew a powew outage). Mommy wus fweezin and Lexi and meez wus so close tu mommy dat you’s kuldn’t tell where one began and da uddew ended. MOL Aftew a good meownin massage, we’s wolled mommy tu da chair and intu da pawdee box woom and den tu da kitchen fur bwekky. 🙂

While we’s ate bwekky mommy checked da emails and den we’s checked in on our furiends. And OMC meez got nominated fur an awawd. Mommy sez we’s will tell you’s all ’bout it tumowwow cuz we’s didn’t hav time tuday tu figgew it all out. We’s been wunnin’ hind all day cuz we’s ovew slep. MOL  Mommy mite fink is ovew sleepin, but as kitty cats dat like tu sleep, we’s weally enjoyed da extwa time snuggled up tu mommy. 🙂  Den meez had so many nice new visitows tu meez blog and meez visited sum new furiends blogs tu. Meez felt so special tuday. Mommy sez meez and sis Lexi are always special. And she’s must be wite cuz hers luvs us  vewy much. You’s know meez sisfur Lexi’s Meowday is at da end of da munf and so dis is her time tu be extwa special.  So meez gunna share meez new furiends wif her,  and she’s gunna share hers special Meowday noms wif me.  🙂 Which she’s gunna be havin’ cuz awnty Jennifer sendid a gift cawd tu da Pizza Hut fur her. We’s luv pizza. 😀   Meez hopes tu hav sum more excitin’ news tu tell you tumowwow tu, but we’s will hav tu wait and see. 🙂 So, Til da nex time, Have a Pawsum day!!


OMC Gift cawds fur you's Meowday Lexi and one fur Pizza!!!!  YAY!!!!
OMC Gift cawds fur you’s Meowday Lexi and one fur Pizza!!!! YAY!!!!
Hav a Pawsum day!!
Hav a Pawsum day!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 😀


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