A Friend To Many

Meowllo everypawdy. We hadn’t planned on writin’ a posty today as da wedder be just pawful. Da wind is howlin’ and da skies be wumblin’ and lightin’ up wiff stweaks of blue and white. But alas, da blogosphere has lost a dear soul and we have lost a dear furiend. We’ve only been here fur a little ovew a year now, so we don’t offen write these posties. Mostly cuz there’s a lot of you we didn’t or don’t know well enuff to do you justice in da passin’ of a dearly luvved furry one. But in this case, Nerissa, aka Nissy is one we met shortly after coming to blogville. We even wemember all da details. We wuz visitin’ our then new furiend Sammy from One Spoiled Cat and he was posting an award. We still didn’t unnewstand awards and such, but Sammy sed hims gweat pal Nissy had passed it along to him. He mentioned Nissy had been round da blogosphere fur a very long time and was a special kind of kitty. We fawt dat was a weally cool name and just had to go and find out hoo this Nissy was.

 Dezi-NissyMissing You... - 2HEoW-1f5 - normal

So we clicked on hims name and went stwaight over. At da time Nissy and Seville was takin’ a twip wiff their egg beaters. Mouses  As Nissy wuld say. We had no idea what this was all about. See da blogs we had stawted followin’ was mostly like ours, they told ‘bout events round their house and such. So a twip wiff egg beaters? You can tell we don’t read much fiction here. Our maginnations kuldn’t hawdly wrap our bwain round it. But we wuz drawn in and kept goin’ back to read more. Nissy was always nice to us when he came by to visit. He didn’t tweat us like newbies and we don’t fink he evew spoke a cwoss word to anypawdy. He had a heart of gold and was always welkumin’.

 Nissy R.i.P - 2HEoW-1f1 - normal

Nissy’s gone afur his time. Cuz he was let down by da VETs and da dwug manufactuwers as so many of our kitty furiends awe. So little is known ‘bout feline healff and tweatments. Fur years everyfin’ has been based on canine tweatments. Scientists awe just beginnin’ to learn dat da feline body be diffewent and wesponds diffewently than canines. Our physiology and psychology awe completely diffewent and we need science to catch up wiff feline medicine. We hate dat Nissy be gone but hims will never be furgotten. He will live on in da hearts of all he touched and in da bits and bytes of da innernet furever. We send our purrayers to hims furmily. We will miss you Nerissa, but you awe no longer in pain and fur dat we awe furever gwateful. Mommy sez dat Nissy be back in heaven now wiff God and playin’ in fields of nip wiff our very own Ransom, Lucky Devon and Shad. And dat wez’ll see him again sumday. Purrlease go by and let da furmily know yous finkin’ ‘bout them. 

 Nissy When God called you... - 2HEoW-1f2 - normal

Till da next time…………………………………..Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 

Dezi and Lexi