Blest Sunday

Meowllo everypawdy meez back!!! Hope you enjoyed hearin’ fwum sissy. We fawt it was weally purrtant dat hers tell hers own stowry. She’s duin’ weally good right now and dat’s what counts. Let me tell ya’ she was sum kinda ‘cited when she came home dat day. She meowed ‘bout it fur hours. She luvs to go so much and we don’t fink she ever gets tired. Everytime she comes home fwum an outing she wants to go out again. Mommy sez she dusn’t know where she gets all dat energy. MOL We awe so blest dat sissy’s still got it. Now as you all know, eever cuz weez told ya’ or yous watched da news; weez been havin’ lots of stowms. Actually it seems more like one big stowm dat never goes away. Mommy sez she dusn’t member a time in wecent years when weez had a whole mumff of stowms in May. It is our rainy, tornadoey time of year, but this year has been pawful, and it’s not over yet.  

 dw Deezi1455tiara

Last night me wuld swear da wind was blowin’ a hunnewed miles purr hour. And da funder was in our house. They still say weez in a dwought, but we have twubble believin’ dat since everyfing wound here is standin’ in water. But even in all this we awe blest. Mommy was able to find sum dwops dat help me calm down and not be so scared and wiff meez hawness on most of da stowm’s not so bad. Me will say dat when fings was bangin’ wound outside and hittin’ da windows and door, me did hide fur a bit. Weally it sounded like everyfin’ was twyin’ to get inside wiff us. It’s still carryin’ on out there, but da wind has calmed sum so it dusn’t sound as terrifyin’ out. Dat’s a blessin’ cuz it means meez not hidin’ all day.

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On anudder note, mommy be twyin’ to pack and clean at da same time. Weez got an inspection on Tuesday, and then da next week weez goin’ to BlogPaws!!! WooHoo Weez so ‘cited. Mommy sez she needs to pick up sum of da small cans or pouches of noms to take wiff us cuz there’s not a fwidge in da room to keep any leftovers. Of course weez takin’ da camera’s so she has to make sure she has da chargers so weez not find ourselves wiff a foto op and dead batteries. Weez purrawlly gunna have to get new batteries soon cuz you can only chawge these fings so many times afur they don’t hold anymore. But we awe so blest to have 2 such pawsum cameras and da wunnewful awnties dat gave ‘em to us. Mommy found sum of da fotos dat we fawt we had lost in da puter cwash dat had been taken back in da beginnin’, and she was astonished at how bad they were and how much better they awe now. And it’s not cuz mommy became a furbulous fotogwapher. MOL Well weez gotta go cuz da stowms they be ragin’ and mommy’s tellin’ us to get off da puter, so weez’ll meow at y’all again soon. We just kuldn’t let a Sunday go wiffout countin’ a foo blessings. Take a little time today to just stop and count yous blessings. Ifin nuffin’ else, yous here today. You woke up and took a bweaff and met da day ahead of ya’. You awe all a blessing to us and we luv you very much. Hope yous weekend was just purrfect.

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Till da next time………………………….Be Blest!!!



Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  

Dezi and Lexi