Mine and Mommy’s Day Out

Hey y’all itz finally Furiday and yep itz me Lexi agin. I’z gunna tell ya’ more ‘bout minez and mommyz day out. Letz see, weez left off when we wuz leavin’ da VET. We got iin da car and drove over too da Walmart too git me sum Gerber ham and ham gravy baby food. One jar lasts 3 mealz. I’z git ‘bout a tablespoon wiff minez medz mixed in. Eat youz heartz out Sammy and Travis. MOL Youz git bacon once a week. I’z git da porky pig 2 timez a day. WooHoo I’z not bein’ mean fellaz, I’z wood share minez good furtune wiv ya’ ibin youz want. Anywayz mommy and me went too da Walmart and OMC da place waz packed!!! Youz know weez had stormz fur a solid week and thiz waz one of da only dry dayz we waz gunna habz fur anudder week and peepz waz takin’ full advantage of it.

 dw Lexi stroller46

And youz wood be surprized at how many peepz fat I’z waz a dog. Come on now, do I’z look like a dog to you? I’z didunt fink so. Peepz wood point and we kuld hear them say fings like, “oh look at the cute little doggy.” and then they wood get closer and say,  Oh, that’s a CAT!!!” Well duh, of course I’z a cat. And then mommy wood go intoo her spiel ‘bout service cats and tryin’ too educate da public. I’z fink itz funny sumtimez too watch da “what choo talkin’ ‘bout” look on their faces. Sum peepz juzt can’t magine a service cat and sum peepz got no purrawlem getting’ it. So we did our shoppin’ and left too come back home. Mommy sed she wuz dog tired and we waz gunna go home and let her rezt a bit afur she got minez pizza. We lissened too da radio on da way home and mommy chatted wiff me. She told ne how much she lubbed me and needed me and dat I’z waz gunna be round fur a long time. It alwayz makez me feel good to hear mommy tell me she needz me and lubz me. And then mommy sang me one of herz made up songs ‘bout me. When we finally got home and mommy got me inside I’z stardid chatterin’ all ‘bout our day too Dezi. 

dw Lexi1438
Hey Dezi, where arr you? I’z had soz much fun wiff mommy tooday…

Weez get a lot of emails akin’ ‘bout us travlin’ and goin’ places wiff mommy. Back lazt summer when da partment flooded we got os of questions ‘bout what mommy wood doo wiff us ibin she went to stay in a motel. And weez get sum of those same emails frum peeps wunnerin’ ‘bout BlogPaws. Truff iz we luv to travel. Mommy sez itz funny dat I’z not really enjoy all da fuss of hunnerdz of peepz wiff dirty handz pawin’ oat me anymore cuz I’z doo lubz to go. Az soon az mommy unzipped da stroller I’z waz runnin’ after mommy and standin’ by da door askin’ too go back out. Mommy sez dat she alwayz be exhausted after a trip, but she brings us in and weez bounce off da wallz wantin’ too go back out fur dayz. So yes, weez gunna habz a time at BlogPawz. Well after I’z settled down a bit mommy ordered our pizza and served us dinner. Oh wow dat pizza waz delishuz. 

 dw Lexi1439

Now we know lotz of ya’ habz bin wunnerin’ ‘bout minez medzin. Az youz all know da VET put me on Azodyl rite after minez diagnosis. And fankz to furiendz mommy had been able to gibz it too me. But a few weekz back we ran out. We mentioned it and dat mommy didunt habz da green paperz too buy it. But there waz nuffin’ mommy kuld do. She can’t make munny appear frum nowhere. And so a few dayz later mommy had bin researchin’ this udder medzin datz pozed too werk like da Azodyl but be much cheaper. And Obi and himz mommy sent sum green paperz too help mommy git me sumfin’. So mommy ordered da new medzin. She still didunt habz da green paperz fur da spensive stuffz but she ‘cided it waz better I’z git treatment of sum kind than nuffin’ at all. So mommy ordered da new medzin. And then Timmy and unkle Pete and furmily sent mommy sum green paperz fur minez udder medzinz and Cat and herz furmily sent green paperz too help out wiff minez care too. I’z so blezt too habz such wunnerful furiendz. I’z takin’ a Vitamin B-12 wif folate, and da Regeneril dat Trufflez and Ms. Melissa sent us, Renavast and da Astro’s Protein powder and Nitrogen-Creatinine scrub. And altho’ purrscription dietz fur CKD kittiez be low protein and low phosphorous more recent studies have shown dat we CKD kittiez shuld be eatin’ high quality proteinz and low phosphorous foods. Fank catness cuz I’z not like dat RX stuff. Weez gunna finish this up in our next posty so we can tell ya’ ‘bout da medzinz and what they be duin’ fur me. And sissy wantz me too say dat weez joinin’ da Pet Parade wiff Rascal and Rocco.

 dw Lexi1443

So, till da next time…………………………………Be Blezt!!!


Lubz and Hugz and Kitty Kissez 

Lexi and Dezi