Blest Sunday-A Mother’s Day Special

Meowllo everypawdy. Not only is it Blest Sunday, our mostest favowit day; it’s Mudders Day!!! Yes it still be stormin’ here and so we still can’t be on da puter too much, but there’s no way we was gunna let this day go by wiffout makin’ a posty. Now we know dat our UK furiends alweady had their Mudders day, and sum of our furiends only have Pawsum daddy’s. But we missed da UK day and as fur daddy only houses…well weez a mommy only house so we celebwate mommy on Mudders day and fawders day cuz she has to be boff. So all you daddy only houses today be yous special day too. Now let me tell ya’ Lexi and me have dun sum nice fings fur mommy in da past and who knows, we just might this year too. But we furst wanna say dat wiff da help of sumpawdy out there we alweady did. Mommy got a cawd in da mail wiff no weturn addwess. Actually our addwess was da weturn. Wanna know why? Cuz one of you sent mommy a Mudders day cawd and bootyful pin fwum Lexi and me. Of course mommy cwied. Hers musta held and hugged on us fur hours, cwyin’ da whole time and lookin” at dat cawd. Yep, they was da happy tears. Dat be da sweetest fing. So a Meowsy big Fank you whoever you awe. Weez postin’ at da Tabby Cat Club and Cat Scouts today too along wiff our fellow tabbies and scouts. So go by and check out how we all celebwate da day. 

 dw Mothersday2015

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We didn’t need any purroddin’, but da DenMaster has sed weez’ll get a badge fur writin’ a poem fur our mommy. Like me sed, yous not gotta tell us twice. We luv mommy sumfin’ fierce and there ain’t anyfin’ we wuldn’t do fur her. 

Our Mommy 

Our mommy be so special 

She saved us from certain death

She gave us a home She filled with love

She wrapped it up with care.

She taught us everything we know

She’s always been there.

Our mommy always puts us first

No matter what the need

She treats us just like queens

In each and everything.

We may not have a lot

When it comes to earthly goods

But we could never ask

for a better mommy that’s for sure.

This not be our best attempt

Mommy, you deserve way more

But we know as with everything

You’re reading with eyes of love.

 dw D n L Mothersday

We know dat all of you feel da same ‘bout yous mommys and daddys we wouldn’t say yous wrong. It’s okay fur us to disagwee on this one thing fur sure. To all of you our furiends and framily, we luv you. And we hope today is as blest fur you as it was day day you saved us (yous furry luvved ones and us). Fanks fur sharin’ a bit of this special day wiff us.

Till da next time………………………………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 


Dezi and Lexi